Top 5 types of content that can dominate “Position 0”

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Hello folks, in my previous article I talked about ‘Position 0’ or ‘featured snippets.’ Today, getting a rank on featured snippets is very important because Google gives them importance. If you search anything on Google, it will programmatically detect the pages and displays the best accurate search query in the featured snippets that appears above the #1 organic results. And this result is what you call ‘Position 0.’ As per the SEMrush report, 9.97% of Google search results contain featured snippets.

Are you not curious to know what type of content begs position 0 in Google? Of course, you would be. Guys, this is a golden article for you webmasters to get the rank above 1. So today I will talk about the best 5 content types that will help you get the position 0 in Google.

Here we start.

Amazing 5 types of content to dominate ‘Position 0’ in Google

1. Question (what, why, how, where, or when)

Today, most of the contents on the web are merely about questions and answers. The questions might come in the form of what, when, why, where, or how. You can always decide what kind of question you can handle in your niche and create content answering these questions. If you create content that can answer the search queries of users then it will be beneficial for them. Keep one thing in mind; try to answer the question directly always. It can be done by having a compelling title and attracting potential visitors. If you’re unable to create a catchy headline or question then you will not be able to attract large audience.

2. Comparisons

Comparison content appearing on featured snippets in Google will be in the form of paragraphs, tables, or lists. Presently, search queries are infinite in the digital marketing world. Not only we compare ourselves with others, but also products or contents we compare whenever we purchase or search. Let me tell you that Google also likes those contents that compare two products or queries. So try to create content that can compare the product’s specification, price, features, guarantee, etc. Google does like content based on comparison but you never know whether Google will feature your content in the form of a table, paragraph, or list format.

3. Best / Top content

Did you get this point? If not then read here. We often search on Google with the word ‘best or top.’ For example, the top mobile phones in 2020, right! I hope you get the point now. So if you create content that starts with the ‘best or top’ then your content will surely be appearing on position 0 or featured snippets. Folks, if you are thinking of this type of content then you have to think for the potential ideas for this type of list in your niche. This is the most classic type of content that everyone has come across. So examine with deep thoughts and produce the relevant content to get position 0.

4. Step-by-step content

This type of content is highly in demand. The majority of people search for content that can provide instructions, steps, or lists. The best thing is that Google loves numbers, steps, and lists of the content. Suppose, you are writing chunks of words about 5000 long article, do you think people will read your article? Of course not. And it will also not help you get to position 0. People always skip reading. So rather than producing a 5000-word content article, try to break it and write down solutions clearly in steps.

5. Definition

When you want a simple and easy answer where do you go? Of course, Google. But do you read the lengthy scripts to get the answers or you just see the definition of it. I would surely go with the definition rather than reading a long script. Likewise, people also love reading the short answer that can save their time. Therefore, you can create content on the definition. Google also loves these types of content and might give you position 0.

Final words

I hope now you know what types of content Google favors in featured snippets or position 0. You can choose any of the types of content you think you can produce content on. Moreover, take the help of tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Google because they can help get your content to appear on featured snippets. Just keep in mind the type and the number of words to use to optimize for featured snippets.

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