An unconfirmed Google search ranking algorithm update noticed, what is it?

Google search ranking algorithm update

The SEO and digital marketing industry have been talking about the Google search ranking algorithm update. Well, it is not a new matter to look over but right now the updates SEOs and digital marketers are talking about are unconfirmed. You all know Google makes thousands of algorithm updates every month of the year. At the starting of this year, Google made January featured snippets updates, and coming to May month it made May 2020 core update.

From January to May, there has been a gap of 3 months of not making any update. You can think of why- yes due to coronavirus pandemic. Now there is hearsay that is going in the digital world about Google search algorithm update which might be brewing. How much truth is there in this update, we will examine in this article.

So let’s dig into the matter of unconfirmed Google search algorithm update.

Signs of unconfirmed Google search engine ranking algorithm update buzzing

In the introduction, I have already told you about the spread of chatter which is there about Google search ranking algorithm update. It is true that from the past few days there have been some signs from the automated tracking tools of an update. However, Google has not said or confirmed anything but there is some chatter over the past few days about this unconfirmed update. How this chatter came into the light? Actually, some webmasters are experiencing the disappearing of their pages from SERPs. The forum jumped from page 2 to 7 and to page 10.

Moreover, many marketers are seeing a big drop in their conversion rate. This change in ranking making them question to Google whether there has been any update about search engine ranking or not.

Search buzz video recap details on Google’s multiple updates.  

Recently, the SEOroundtable (the famous Google’s update website) posted about the various updates of Google under the title of Search Buzz Video Recap. Below I am going to write some points highlighting what Google said about different updates and matters related to the unconfirmed updates. Have a look.

  • For the Google search ranking algorithm update, Google said there is no ongoing indexing issue this week.
  • Google said not to use too much content on e-commerce category pages.
  • About BERT, Google said it doesn’t determine content quality. It just helps Google understand the content.
  • Google confirmed the disavowing link will not help you rank algorithmically and if it does then it will be very rare.
  • Rich results on the home page are a bug.
  • John Muller of Google said that all the guest post links should be nofollwed.
  • Google search console added recipe filter to the search appearances section of the performance report.
  • Google is testing dividers between search snippets again. And Google is also testing infinite scroll again with a dancing Google logo.
  • About search, Google talked about the brand queries and how search can be influenced by them.

2020 Google Algorithm update by months

– May 2020 core update

If you know then Google made an announcement a broad core update on May 4, which is still rolling out. According to Google, a core update is a broad algorithm update that does not target specific types of queries or pages. Rather, the update is about improving how the search engine assesses content overall to make results more relevant. Thereby, Google said that pages that drop after a core update won’t have anything wrong to fix. And some previously rewarded pages will rank higher.

– January 2020 – featured snippets updates

In January 2020 featured snippets update, Google confirmed that the results shown in featured snippets would no longer be repeated on the first page of search results. Earlier, featured snippets could be found in ‘Position 0’ as well as one of the top organic listing on the page.

The bottom line

Guys, every year or month, Google announced hundreds of new updates in the algorithm, software, apps, or anything. But don’t consider any update as authentic until Google confirms the update. Likewise, the Google search ranking algorithm update is also not confirmed. There is some fluctuation noticed in ranking on SERPs that made people worry. However, you no need to worry about this because the update is still unconfirmed. 

If you have query or you want to know anything on any issue, kindly comment below to let us know. Till then keep reading and get in touch with us for more informative articles.