Easy ways to advertise your business on Nextdoor.

advertise your business on Nextdoor

We all know about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. These are the platforms that help us stay connected to our friends, relatives and peers. But what about our neighbors? Don’t you think there should be an app through which we could connect to our neighbors also? Well, there is one such app called Nextdoor which helps people to stay connected with their neighbors also. Interesting no! But this article is for all the digital marketers who want to advertise their business on Nextdoor. Today, new methods, technologies and unique approaches are coming in front. And I guess, Nextdoor is one such platform that can add glory to the business.

Guys, Nextdoor is an amazing platform that helps businesses to grow the client base and increase reach. Let’s get started and reach some ways to advertise your business on Nextdoor.

Effective ways to advertise your business on Nextdoor

#Add your business affiliation to the bio of your profile

The very first step to advertising your brand on Nextdoor is to add your business name to your profile. This way you’re branding yourself as an authority of that particular company. So when people will see your profile, they may spark conversation among neighbors and naturally spread information about your products and services.

#Gain more recommendations

The next step to advertise your business on Nextdoor is to gain recommendations. It makes you visible to others. So when you set up your business profile, Nextdoor makes it easy by giving you a custom link that you can share with your customers. Nextdoor is also becoming the fastest growing platform therefore you need to make the first move to be the most recommended business in your field.

#Reply to responders

Let me tell you clearly that on Nextdoor you have limited things to do with your business profile. Therefore, you need to respond to recommendations so that you can actively engage with people and customers. If someone takes time to recommend you then it’s high time for you to respond to them and highlight the details about your brand personality. Let them know how much you value their recommendations because when you do so they will show their affection for your business.

#Grow your reach with employees posts

This point actually works well for small scale businesses. It is also because if you have some special offer available or a particular event to host, then you can ask your employees if they can share it with their networks. Your business will expand if your staff resides in a variety of different neighborhoods. This way you can expand your reach. Furthermore, make sure not to violate Nextdoor’s policy guidelines, and try to offer what is relevant for your customers as well as valuable for them.

#Run a local event

Another easy way you can use to advertise on Nextdoor is by running a local event. You need to use your personal account to add your event to the neighborhood calendar. The events that will benefit the community are free cooking master class, a painting workshop, or any event that will help people learn something. Nextdoor will help you establish your brand business in the market. Therefore, the more events you will run, the more audience will know about your brand.

#Announce commercial events in the events calendar

Your users and customers can create and invite neighbors through the app’s calendar feature. This is actually a great way to get the word out about a sale or promotion your business is running. If you make announcements of commercial events, you will attract more and more people towards your business.


Nextdoor is a good platform for marketers to advertise their business products. It is not that much recognized today but you can use it to get engaged with your neighbors. But this is a unique platform where you can establish your local business and emerge out to be a leading business in the market. I have shared some effective ways to advertise on Nextdoor, you can implement them in your profile. Though it will take some time to set up your profile, you will surely get the reward in the future.

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