How can you handle the CRM with the help of AI?

handle the CRM with the help of AI

CRM (customer relationship management) and AI (artificial intelligence) have been in the talk of the tech or digital world. Establishing effective communication with customers is key to your organization’s growth. So, you need to manage them efficiently and effectively as possible. Addressing customer’s issues, their queries, and solving their problems and providing them with the […]

Usability principles that make your visitors stick and boost your SEO

boost your SEO

Let me come straight to the point – if your website doesn’t encourage visitors or isn’t user-friendly, it will never succeed. Websites that are not user-friendly not only lose your customers but also damage your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you don’t know then user experience is the most important part of SEO because Google […]

Why your site should be ADA compliant?

site should be ADA compliant

Suppose, you have a well-maintained, good designed, and well-functional website that provides a great user experience. Your website is accessible to every person, but can a disabled person use it or access to it? Did you get my point? Guys, I’m asking you that can a visually-impaired person understands what your photos and other non-text […]