How you can use Screaming Frog in digital marketing or SEO world?

Screaming Frog in SEO

I know that website is a huge part of the digital marketing world because through websites marketers get more lead generations for their business. Maintaining, regularly updating, and analyzing your website is an essential task of your business in the digital marketing world. Performing this task requires various tools but the one right tool can […]

How marketers can prepare for the rise of “hyper-personalization”?

rise of “hyper-personalization”

We never feel content; there is always an urge within us to get more. We easily get bored with old routines, methods, techniques, hackneyed schedules, etc. Do you agree with me? If I talk about marketing then the same thing can be applied to marketers too. There are many marketers who easily get bored with […]

Drive more traffic to your website using Google posts.

more traffic to your website using Google posts

Any online marketer or location-based business sees an opportunity to bring in more customers. As a digital marketer, you always think out driving more traffic to your site and stand out online globally. You always ask a question to yourself, what’s the great way to increase your client’s visibility and drive traffic? Well, I have […]