How to improve bounce rate for your website?

If you’re reading this, you probably would be looking for some tips to improve bounce rate of your website, right? No doubt, if you run a website, bounce rate may tend to happen and this becomes a serious problem for webmasters. As a digital marketer, if people visit your site and immediately leave it then there is no chance that you’ll see any growth in your business. You would use Google Analytics tool to check it. In Google Analytics, bounce rate is measured in two ways – the average bounce rate of your website and the average bounce rate per web page. Let me tell you that high bounce rate signifies a negative sign for your site and vice versa. But the question is what to do to improve the bounce rate for your website? Don’t scratch your head. This article is the complete guide for you.

Here I will present before you some useful tactics to improve the performance of bounce rate for your site. Make sure you keep up the pace of your reading till the end.

Let me start now from scratch.

What is bounce rate?

Simply putting, bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors that immediately leave your site or bounce back to the search results or referring website after viewing only one page. In other words, when a person visits your site and leaves it without visiting other pages of the same domain, that’s counted as bounce. So entering and existing without taking any action or clicking any page is known as bounce rate. A high ratio of it to the site denotes that the site is not worth visiting again. This shouldn’t happen as it will make a huge negative impact on your site.

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Coming back, below you will read some tips to improve bounce rate performance.

Follow easy tips to improve bounce rate for your website  

I am sure the below given tips will help you optimize the performance of bounce rate of your site. Just read and follow them.

Make sure your site is mobile-friendly

The majority of people use mobile device to access any website obviously who will carry laptop or system everywhere. Studies show that the 52.2% of internet traffic comes from mobile device, Google even ranks for mobile-friendliness. Therefore, your site has to be mobile-friendly. Obviously if your site is not mobile friendly, chances that your visitors will leave your site immediately. Thereby, try to make your site optimized for mobile devices as well.  

Improve your site’s loading speed

A healthy website is one that doesn’t take more than 2-3 seconds in loading a site. If it takes more than specified time, visitors will quickly leave your site. This increases the bounce rate and slower down the performance of your site. That’s why you must focus on improving the loading speed by minimizing the image size, using browsing caching. You can also use site’s loading speed tool like Pingdom or Google Page Speed Insights. This will help you know website’s speed and some suggestions to improve.

More use of internal links

Internal links are those links that redirect users to another page of your website. If you use internal links, it will surely result in lower bounce rate. Additionally, these links improve your users’ experience and make your website more user- friendly. Also, the right use of internal links helps you boost your website’s SEO. With this you actually give the most important web pages more link value than less important pages.

Improve the readability of your site’s content

Another tip you have to focus on is improving the readability of your site’s content. Who doesn’t like quality and relevant content? Everyone likes, right. If your site doesn’t contain quality and informative content, it won’t take users a minute to leave your site, so make sure whatever content you publish, it should be worth reading. Quality should be your priority here.

Create a call-to-action

Do you want people to contact you? If yes, you have to add call-to-action button to your site. If your site doesn’t have any contact button, it will make a negative impact about you and your site. Of course, you want every site visitor to buy or at least take some action. So whatever you do, make sure that your call to action is compelling and attractive enough.

Final words

So that’s all about bounce rate and the tip which you must follow to improve it. Don’t forget that high bounce rate will scale down the performance of your business in the market. Make sure your site contains quality content, site should load within 2 seconds, making site mobile friendly and call to action must be there. If you want to increase traffic to your site, you have to follow above mentioned points in any case.

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