Top 10 Mobile Marketing Strategies You Should Follow.

Mobile Marketing Strategies

The world of marketing is in a constant state of flux. The rapid increase on the internet has changed the idea of digital marketing for small as well as big businesses. Digital marketers are endeavoring to change their online presence.

Furthermore, the upsurge in mobile devices is set to take your mobile marketing strategy to the next level. Today people spend a lot of time using mobile phones and tablets and they use it for various reasons such as a search for information, make a purchase, online payments, etc.

So, that’s why it is important for you to explore the massive potential of mobile marketing. And if you want to include mobile marketing in your strategy then read this article till the end. I am going to share with you top 10 mobile marketing strategies that will help you in your digital marketing business.

Let’s get started!

The Major 10 Mobile Marketing Strategies That Need To Be Followed By You.

1. Make your site mobile friendly

The first step in mobile marketing strategy is to build or make your site which is mobile friendly. According to a recent study by infographic, 8% of all digital traffic comes from smartphones and tablets. You need to have mobile-friendly themes for your users. For example, if you’re using word press then you can download free themes from there.

2. Produce mobile-friendly content

Your content should be relevant enough to fulfill the demands of your audience. You should write good and catchy headlines that attract the eyes of the audience and make them able to click on your site. Make sure to make your headlines shorter and more impressive as you don’t have the luxury of the wide PC screen to display long headlines.

3. Make use of social media

To keep your mobile marketing high and effective you really need to include social media in your strategy. More and more people are getting connected with social media so you can go live on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to promote your company’s products. You can connect with influencers and engage your audience by sharing quality contents. It will you can boost your mobile marketing strategy in an effective way.

4. Generate QR code for quick and smart access

QR codes can make your mobile marketing experience easy and effective if you utilize QR codes in your strategy. Not only will it help you but also will help your users. It provides you “Quick Response” as it stores a lot of data that can be circulated digitally and quickly. You can make them available for mobile device users. It will help you speed up your mobile site.

5. Build mobile apps

Having an app for your site or business could help you get more lead generation and sales. You can create mobile apps from various job sites such as Dribble for infographic design, Mobile App Developers, AwesomeWeb, etc. Mobile apps are meant to design to run on smartphones, tablets, and other handled devices. You can have enough growth in mobile marketing by creating mobile-friendly apps.

6. Create your Google My Business Page

In your mobile marketing strategy, you can’t forget to include “Google My Business Page”. It’s an easy way to optimize your website for voice and mobile search. Always make sure that you provide reliable and accurate details such as your business description, contact information, address, location, and about your products and services. It will help your customers to know about you easily.

7. Include SMS marketing

SMS is a very crucial part of the mobile marketing strategy. Many people ignore it may be because they think the rise of social media has reduced the value of SMS. Depending on your target audience, you can use an SMS campaign to deliver messages, track campaign performance, and drive conversions. It is believed that 41% of mobile users use their phones for text messages instead of talking, so using text message strategy is no barrier.

8. Understand your target audience

You can say it’s the most critical part of your mobile marketing strategy. You need to have a deep knowledge of your potential customers about their needs and presences, a fair idea of their ages, location, and device types. In addition, you can use surveys to know whether your audience prefers video or text-based ads. All this information will help you shape your mobile marketing strategy.

9. Create social media ads

Although this is a part of social media, it can be a concrete part to increase your organic reach on social media. You can run ads for different objectives such as increasing website traffic, generating leads, or driving app installs. This will allow you to have a specific target based on user demographics such as age, location, profession, and online behavior. You can write an eye-catching and creative content for your ads. Make sure to abide by the guidelines of social media ads.

10. Include personal touch

The personal touch doesn’t mean you talk about yourself or your achievements. It means you’re connecting to a personal level with your customers and answering their queries. You identify your customer’s needs and preferences; solve their problems by sending individual messages to them. You can also add photos of you and your company, location, products, etc.


An effective mobile marketing strategy is no longer a choice for marketers. It has become a necessity to integrate an outstanding mobile marketing strategy in your digital marketing approach. Irrespective of size or nature of your business, you need to focus on creating a website which is mobile-friendly.

All this can be possible by following above mentioned 10 tips of mobile marketing strategy. Make sure you include the above approach in your mobile marketing strategy. For more info and updates kindly get in touch with us till the keep reading.