Role of Industry 4.0 in Digital Marketing and its challenges

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is one of the most remarkable industrial revolutions in the present time. If you are a part of digital marketing or an industrialist, you probably would know that technology has taken over everything and is now ruling the industry. If you are still not aware of industry 4.0 then I give you a […]

Top 5 digital transformation techniques for your businesses?

Digital Transformation

A business without strategy is like a bird without wings, isn’t it right! The same applies to those people who are planning to set out for digital transformation but don’t have a definite strategy. It’s like seeding on barren land. What’s the benefit of doing such a business that doesn’t have a proper strategy to […]

Facebook is trying to replace Android with its own Operating System!

Facebook Operating System

‘Facebook’ the social media giant always looks to expand its application so that it can provide a much better experience to users. Let me tell you this time Facebook is not adding any new feature in its system rather Facebook is planning to launch its own Operating System. Sounds interesting? Yes, guys, you read it […]