Facebook is trying to replace Android with its own Operating System!

Facebook Operating System

‘Facebook’ the social media giant always looks to expand its application so that it can provide a much better experience to users. Let me tell you this time Facebook is not adding any new feature in its system rather Facebook is planning to launch its own Operating System. Sounds interesting?

Yes, guys, you read it right, the social media giant is building a custom new operating system from the scratch and you know with what purpose Facebook is doing so? It’s very clear guys that Facebook wants to end its dependence on Google’s Android. Another reason could be to make Facebook’s upcoming devices self-reliant and secure in the event of a future disagreement with Google. Isn’t it a big move from Facebook?

I’m going to explain everything about Facebook’s planned operating system in points below. So, keep reading the article if you want to know about social media giant Facebook’s new operating system.

Major points to know about Facebook’s new operating system

– Mark Lucovsky is leading Facebook’s OS project  

Mark Lucovsky is the co-founder of Microsoft’s OS called Windows NT. Facebook has given the task to build its own OS to Mark Lucovsky. I guess Facebook has done the right job by approaching Lucovsky as he the expert, and renowned software developer and now serving as a technical director for Google’s Ajax technologies.

– The aim of Facebook to build its own Operating System

I told you above that Facebook doesn’t want to depend on Google. And the company already said that it doesn’t want its hardware like Oculus or its augmented reality glasses to be at the mercy of Google because they rely on its android operating system. Thereby, they want to replace it with its own operating system.  According to The Information report, Facebook is working on an in-house OS to eliminate its need for relying on Android.

– The New OS is based on Facebook’s Future Hardware Products

Currently, Facebook has many future hardware products in its list including virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) devices like AR glasses with built-in software. Also video calling devices on the lines of the portal and VR headsets similar to Oculus. So the new OS is expected to be designed to fulfill the software requirements of the new range of devices.

– With OS, Facebook gets its own unique space & identity

We know that launching its own OS, Facebook gonna have a lot of benefits from it. One major benefit is that Facebook will have the freedom to further develop its social interactions and put its own privacy policy in effect. For a long time, Facebook relied on Google and Apple’s operating systems and these both happened to be the social media giant’s biggest rivals. However, if Facebook is able to match the features of these two OS then it will benefit the business as well as Facebook’s brand value.

– Facebook’s OS will be a competitor for Google and Apple

Once Facebook’s OS is out, you can expect that it will create more competition in the market as both Google and Apple will surely try hard to maintain market control. In that way, the competition will really fire up and we can also expect that the three companies might adopt some new and exciting strategies and game-changing technologies.

– The New OS might bring a new era in IoT devices

Earlier, Facebook tried to create a mobile device but didn’t succeed so this OS is like a new route for Facebook which will now focus on IoT (internet of things) rather than competing with Android and iOS devices. This new OS will work with Facebook’s brain – compute interface technology and create smart wearables like armbands, eye and headgears to identify, track and learn from physical moments as per the brain signals.

Final verdict!

Let me sum up this blog by saying that Facebook OS is just a part of a bigger plan to make the company self-sufficient. It is also a fact that Facebook developed a bad reputation for trustworthiness and it’s hard to say whether people would buy hardware with Facebook OS in it or not. Well, it is a completely subjective case and up to you. However, there is no news on when Facebook’s new operating system will arrive in the market. Until there is further update, you have to wait a little longer. 

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