Cheap and shared hosting on Google cloud does not influence your rankings!

shared hosting on Google cloud

Whenever you plan to build a website the one major thing strike in mind is hosting or shared hosting. It is an important element for any website for having a backup in future. Now if you want hosting for your site, you have to invest in, right. But shared hosting is one such cheap hosting that any small digital marketer can easily afford. But the chatting which is hovering in the Search Engine Optimization world is whether the cheap hosting site can affect website ranking or not. One such hosting server is Google Cloud which is in limelight. You know why? Recently, news which is going on in SEO world is like Google doesn’t rank sites hosting on Google Cloud higher.

Does your site also hosted on Google Cloud? If yes, this article comes up with major update for you. Read what John Muller said on cheap and shared hosting on Google Cloud.

Let’s jump into the update below.

Google says Cheap and Shared Hosting won’t give you a ranking boost

Recently, there has been argument which took place about cheap and shared hosting sites – whether it will affect ranking of site on Google or not. John Muller of Google said that cheap and shared hosting does not influence your rankings, and hosting on Google Cloud server won’t give you a ranking boost.

On Twitter he said, “we don’t do anything special for hosting on Google Cloud.”

In case, you don’t know what Google Cloud is – It is a hosting service provider offering service for networking, big data, machine learning, storage, internet of things (IoT), cloud management, security, and developer tools.

What will happen if you host website on Google Cloud?

Coming back to the update, if you host on Google Cloud versus Amazon Web Serves, or Microsoft Azure or any other tool, it doesn’t matter directly. Google doesn’t see where exactly you host with, be it Google, Amazon, Microsoft, RackSpace, or some other company. They just want to be able to access your content and your web site. It is now clear that you will not get any additional ranking boost even if you host sites on cheap hosting sites such as Google Cloud.

A person on Twitter asked John Muller how Google treats sites hosted on their own resources or whether Google Search prefers site on Google Cloud. On replying to this Muller said that they don’t do anything special for hosting on Google Cloud.

Now it is clear that shared hosting sites don’t make any impact on the ranking on the site on Google. Let’s dig litter deeper into the update below linking it with past update.

John Muller argues ‘Cheap and Shared hosting site doesn’t hurt your Google ranking’

About a week ago, an update published on Search engine roundtable with a title ‘Can cheap hosts with many low quality sites hurt your Google Rankings?’

This update released because an article published on Reboot Online says that cheap hosting with low-quality, spammy bad neighbourhoods of sites, can actually impact Google rankings. But John Muller doesn’t agree with this theory and argues that it is not really true and it doesn’t work that way at Google.

However the study on this wind up like:

The results of this experiment suggests that cheap shared hosting options can in fact have a detrimental effect on the organic performance and rankings of the websites hosted there if your website ends up being hosted alongside lower-quality and potentially spammy ones (providing all websites being observed are otherwise on a level playing field).

On responding to the statement, John Muller claims on Twitter that he doesn’t think this is true. He says, “I’m not aware of any ranking algorithm that would take IPs like that into account.” Furthermore, he gave blogger as an example and added that this study may be flawed a bit because “artificial websites like this are pretty much never indicative of any particular effect in normal Google Search.”

Let’s now come out of the update and talk about the pros of shared hosting below.

Some benefits of Shared Hosting

  • The first advantage of using shared hosting site is that it is available in cheap price. The usual price of shared hosting starts from $2.99-$9.99.
  • Shared hosting is compiled with a built-in cPanel. It basically makes it easy to manage your site.
  • Moreover, there is no technical maintenance is required to your server. This is already there as a part of your hosting package.
  • You can also upgrade your hosting because many companies provide multiple level of hosting. This makes shared hosting an amazing place to start.

Let’s sum up all together  

Shared hosting is a great hosting server providing services to multiple sites. No doubt, shared hosting is the cheap and economical option for your digital marketing needs. Cheap price hosting comes with limitations and you can upgrade them if the company offers it. Moreover, the update you read on shared hosting on Google Cloud doesn’t make any impact on your site hosting. Nor the Google do anything special for hosting on Google Cloud.

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