Top 20 guest posting sites that will pay you.

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The passion for writing is increasing as the world is becoming more digitized day by day. And you all know that there is a wide scope of writing, as your thoughts can capture people to visit on the website and know what you are marketing about. Being a part of the digital marketing world, you all know about guest posting. Guest posting is an act of writing articles on someone else’s website or blog. It is considered a great work to connect with the audience and get your name out in the online platform. So if you too have a passion for writing and want your articles to be published on some renowned sites then you are at the right place.

In this article, you will learn about 20 guest posting sites that will pay you a good amount for writing articles. So what are you waiting for? Let’s keep your eye on the list below.

Top 20 guest posting site for you to publish contents

1. ShoutMeLoud

This is an award-winning blog that has more than 735 bloggers who contributed one or more guest posts. The blog is very renowned in the field of providing information related to SEO, marketing, blogging tips, affiliate marketing etc. Till now the site has got 40,000 page views on a daily basis. The domain authority of the site is based on 68 categories some of them are related to marketing and SEO. You can publish posts on this site after following the guidelines.

2. eDream

Traveling is a dream of many. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t like to travel. But if you have a passion for traveling and want to share your experience with thousands of people then eDream is the best site for you. The website offers the best platform for travel bloggers where you can easily write and talk about traveling tips and destinations. Moreover, you can also book flights, hotels, and resorts. So utilize this platform and get your travel blogs to publish there.

3. Social media today

Do you have an interest in social media sites or social media marketing? If yes, then this blogging site is for you. Social media today is a site where you can get updated content related to social media news. So if you are into social media marketing or have a keen interest in social media then the platform is waiting for you to contribute some content on it. You can write content on social media marketing tips and strategies.

4. TechCrunch

guest posting sites

TechCrunch is another website that provides information related to tech, technology news, and analysis of emerging trends in tech, and new tech businesses and products. When it comes to guest posting, TechCrunch is the best platform to contribute content related to tech and business. So if you write compelling content and give them a taste of something wonderful, your content will surely publish on TechCrunch.

5. Medium

Medium is a well-known name in the digital world. It is almost like a blogging and WordPress site. However, Medium is the best platform if you are into any kind of tech or science. Today, Medium has more than 120 million readers. The site is best because it covers everything from neuroscience to cryptocurrency. So here it provides you a good chance of driving traffic to your site by posting guest posts.

6. OutBrain

OutBrain is a web advertising platform for advertisers. The site talks about content marketing, optimization tips, advertising, B2B, B2C marketing, and performance marketing. If you have knowledge related to this field or about these topics then you can contribute your input here. The site only accepts the unique and quality articles so don’t copy-paste to get your article rejected in the first go.

7. In The Know

Another traveling blog site is In The Know. However, this is a traveling magazine. The magazine advertises about traveling tips and photo tips on the website. Moreover, the website also provides information about the coolest destination across the globe. So if you too have important information to share about traveling, you can request for guest blogging and contribute your content for this site.

8. Money Crasher

Who doesn’t like to save money? Of course, everyone. Nowadays people look for sites that provide the information or tips related to money-saving, Money Cruncher is one such site. In the guest posting, you can write about practical, money-saving tips, advice, or ideas on this platform. Moreover, the platform is also about international finance, family and business. One important thing to note here is that the platform accepts a minimum of 1000 words of the article not less than this.

9. One Fitness Camp

Nowadays, people are getting more conscious about their health. We all want to maintain our body fit and healthy due to which we look for tips and information about fitness and health, right. One Fitness Camp is the site for a weight loss and fat camp for adults. At One Fitness Camp, the user can easily transform their life and body. So as a passionate fitness writer, you can write health-related articles and attract people towards your valuable content.

10. PandaDoc

guest posting sites

PandaDoc is considered to be one of the great guests posting site in the field of sales and marketing. The site helps people sell stuff in the market after gaining tips and tricks from here. The audience of the website contains people, who work in the field of marketing, sales, finance, and human resource. So here you get diverse topics to write on. If your niche is related to marketing, sales, automation, human resource, or related field, then PandaDoc is waiting for you to contribute content.

11. MarketingProfs

The term MarketingProfs itself says what the site is all about. The site is specially created for people who work in marketing and related field. So if you also have an interest in marketing this site will surely accept your posts. Here you can talk about opinions, tips, tools, and keywords to keep your readers interested in your articles. Try to write as unique articles as you can.

12. Smashing Magazine

This site is all about development and designs. As a guest posting site, it looks for writers that have learned useful ideas, tips, and techniques to write blogs in the field of design and development. Moreover, the platform also accepts your own stories about mistakes and things you have learned over time. Your article will help people learn from your mistakes. Just be authentic while producing an article.

13. Social Media Examiner

Like social media today, Social Media Examiner also accepts guest posts related to social media marketing. The site provides you full information about social media marketing, tips, and tricks you need to follow to make your marketing successful. To get your articles published on this site, you have to work on your writing skills and subject matter expertise because the site only accepts quality-driven articles.

14. TenoBlog

Do you have a passion to write for traveling, fashion, marketing, business, lifestyle, health, or anything? So many niches, right! Guys, if you have interest in writing about the above-mentioned topics, you can contribute your content to TenoBlog. This site provides information in multiple niches. The audience this blog receives per month is 25000+. So write whichever topic you want to write on.

15. ReadWrite

ReadWrite is the technology blog that provides information about blockchain, industrial startups, connect devices, transport, and more. As a tech lover, you can write about technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, industries, startups, etc. The demand for technical content is increasing in the market day by day. So what are you waiting for? Start writing the contents and post them in RedWrite.

16. Mashable

guest posting sites

If you are in digital marketing, then you will surely know about the blogging community, right! Mashable is one such blogging community that has more than 40 million monthly page views. The website is a good source for social media, technology, digital marketing, web culture, technical news, etc. So as a digital marketing writer, or technical writer, you can write content for a Mashable site.

17. iTech Engine

Do you want to gain knowledge about computers, tips, and tricks? If yes, the iTech Engine is a great site for you because it is a popular technology blog covering the site. The site is open for guest blogging in the field of computers, windows tricks, tutorials, hacking tricks, useful free applications, mac os tips, software license giveaway, and many more tips in the field of technology. If you can write content on such topics, you should definitely try for the iTech Engine.

18. Works In Sports

After talking so much about technology, digital marketing, blogging, computer, fitness, health, traveling, etc. how can you forget about sports? Works In Sports is a great web hub for the sports industry. Today, youngsters are more inclined towards sports than education. They keep looking for tips and tricks to invest in sports to make their career. So if you also write about sports and want to work with a renowned sports site, then this is a great platform for you to share your knowledge here.

19. Lifehack

Do you want to save your time by doing things in a fast way? If yes, then the Lifehack site is for you. The site provides people information about guidance, tips and tricks to improve all aspects of life. As a guest writer, you can talk about fresh ideas, tips, tricks and hacks for doing everything in a better and easy way. The idea of Lifehack is based on doing everything in a better and unique way.

20. Ignite Visibility

The last guest blogging site on the list is Ignite Visibility. This is an amazing website that provides information related to internet marketing, PPC, SEO, social media and much more. You can also become a part of this site once your content is accepted for guest posting. Make sure your content is engaging and unique enough to give you instant approval from the main author.

Final words

Guest blogging is a significant approach if you want to enhance the traffic to your site and want people to know about your content. If you have knowledge related to digital marketing, finance, SEO, computers, traveling, blogging, lifestyle, fashion, sports, technology, small business etc. you can approach the above-mentioned sites for guest posting. If your contents are unique and get approvals, you will get a chance to work with renowned sites and companies.

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