Ripoff Report: Everything you need to know.

Ripoff Report

I don’t know whether you people are aware of the Ripoff Report or not but knowing about this report might amaze you. Let me first give you some gist of this article then we will proceed further. First, answer me – how many of you want to write a review about a company or marketer under disguise? Almost everyone especially against competitors. Right! In the digital marketing world, it is not easy to spread negative words about any business anonymously. Sometimes, you have the option to post comments anonymously. Let me also tell you that it is not a good deed to perform because if you write something worst and then get caught, Google will penalize you for that. But the interesting thing here is that Ripoff Report allows you to do so. Wondering how? In this article, you will learn everything about Ripoff Report.

Let’s now start our article with the very basic word ‘What’

What is Ripoff Reoprt?    

Ripoff Report is a privately owned and operated for-profit website that allows you to publish your opinions or reviews or complaints about other people or businesses on the website. The site encourages and even requires authors to only file truthful reports. But there is no guarantee that all the reports are authentic or accurate. This is the reason that Ripoff Report seen a huge decline in rankings since last November. The site can damage the reputation of any business if negative comments or reviews are present there.

Unlike Google or Yelp, ROR only publishes negative reviews not even the mix of good and bad reviews. Moreover, it doesn’t offer any terms or service process that allows you to file to check false reviews. But it does offer ‘rebuttal’ that allows business owners to respond to the reviews.

Let’s move further to know more about Ripoff Report.

Below are the following points you need to know about Ripoff Report

# Negative reviews or lying damages people

Now you know that the Ripoff Report website only publish negative reviews and comment about any particular business. People who post negative comments may do so intentionally or unintentionally. They often do so to enhance their own reputation in the market, to appear in a positive light, elude consequences, avoid hurt, enhance the image, etc. This deed breaks their relationship and destroys the innocent by their actions. What if the lie gets identifie? The biggest argument will take place which you might not able to handle.

# Rebuttal option is limited

I already told you that the rebuttal option is for those companies who have received negative reviews about their firm. They can simply reply on these damaging comments through rebuttal option. However, you can only use this rebuttal when you have a registered account on the Ripoff Report. If your account is not verified then you can’t respond to negative comments posted about your business.

# Ripoff Report makes lying easy

Yes, it is true that Ripoff Report is a door for all those people who write negative comments behind the anonymity. And Ripoff is one such platform that allows persons over 14 to enter any complaint known as a report regarding any person or company on to the website without verification. However, the site claims that it doesn’t check out the complaint or its authenticity. In fact, Google does index over a million of these unverified reports, most of them are lies.

Can you do something about Ripoff Report?

If you’re wondering your company’s reputation is damaged due to Ripoff Report then follow the instruction below.

# Take help of online reputation management company

This is really the best way to manage your company’s goodwill. Although ORM can’t remove or delete negative comments posted on Ripoff Report they use offsite blogger outreach and link building tactics to promote positive, high-authority content about your business that has the ability to bury the Ripoff Report complaint on page 2 or lower.

# Try and get a court order and file a takedown with Google

So if you think that your Ripoff Report is untrue and damaging in nature, then Google might delist the complaint from its search index. Google will not charge you for that. As per some industry observers, the Ripoff Report sometimes moves the delisted reviews to a new URL. It only causes the reviews to show up back in search results and begin ranking all over again.

In fact, you can’t even sue Ripoff Report because it has gone to court many times and even won. It is because ROR is protected under the “Federal Communications Decency Act,” which basically protects corporate free speech and user-generated content.

Final words

After reading the whole article, you might have got to know that Ripoff Report is very damaging if reviews are mentioned about your business or company. The only solution left here is that you can rely on those reviews using rebuttal. But make sure you have registered account on ROR only then you’re allowed to reply otherwise not. Replying is the only option but no one can delete or delist the reviews posted on the ROR site.

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