Now Google Ads Verification Program Required For All Advertisers.

Google Ads Verification Program

Advertisement nowadays has been used by almost every third marketer in the business. No matter how authentic the advertisement is, but it has become a great source of revenue generation in digital marketing. Many marketers take advantage of this and display irrelevant advertisements on a platform like Google AdWords. This kinda became a serious matter for Google to look over. And like always to enhance the transparency in the advertisement, Google recently announced the ads verification required for all advertisers.

Being an advertiser, it’s very important for you to know the new ad verification policies of Google. Now let’s get into the pool of ads verification program below.

Google to introduce the ads verification program for all advertisers.  

On 24th April, Google announced that now advertisers are required to show their documents such as identity cards and geographic locations for advertisement. If you remember then Google announced last month the same thing which was a business operation verification program. However, the program is for advertisement particularly. Let’s read the statement of Google, “Now advertisers are required to complete a verification program in order to buy ads” on the Google Ads network.

Furthermore, Google said that advertisers will need to submit information. For example, personal identification, business incorporation documents to prove who they are and the country they operate in. Basically this new ad policy is tied to their 2018 policy. The policy was required for identity verification for political advertisements.

Now understand what verification program will ask advertisers for.

Here are some points which advertisers have to fulfill for the verification:

  • Personal identification documents
  • Identification for geographic location
  • Business incorporation documents
  • And other items to verify who they are

The important thing here to know is the program will first start in the U.S. and roll out globally. This program will apply to search display and YouTube.

In Search Display, the information will appear via the Ads Choices icon, or the “x” appears on banner.

On YouTube, the information will appear by clicking the “i” icon or the three-dot icon appears in every ad.

What initial phase of the program will focus on?

Here are some key areas which Google will focus upon:

  • Promotion of content related to regulated industries. For example Gambling and games, financial products or services, healthcare products, or services.
  • Promotion of content based on education and advisory. This includes research and statistics, free health, charitable, financial advice, or social causes.
  • Promotion of goods and services. For example retail, media, entertainment, B2B, technology and travel.

Therefore, businesses advertising in these areas will get a notification soon. After selecting your business, Google will send you a form to fill.

What are the changes users can experience in ads program?  

Well, this new program will have a positive impact on the user’s experience. As users will start to see information on ads about the identity of the advertiser. The users can see the advertiser’s name, location name, country name, and a toggle option to stop receiving ads from them.

Furthermore, users will also see below the “Why this Ad?” option. This new ad verification program will help improve the digital ad space of users.

What exactly the reason behind ads verification program? 

The reason is quite simple – the digital world which is full of fake and misleading information. Here Google is trying to “provide greater transparency and equips users with more information about who is advertising to them” as per Jack Canfield, Director of Product Management, ads integrity. Therefore, Google will now detect and remove the ill-intention to promote products and mislead customers.

Moreover, Google will provide only 30 days to complete the verification. And if you don’t submit the documents within the time period then Google will suspend your account immediately.

The final words 

Google ads verification program is an initiative that will increase ad authenticity across all digital platforms. By doing so, Google is enhancing the transparency required in ads. Now users will see no irrelevant ads. Only authentic and relevant will be visible now. So advertisers must follow the policy and fill the verification requirements soon.

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