Some Ways to Launch a Successful Brand Ambassador Campaign

Brand Ambassador Campaign

Brand Ambassador – this term should not be unfamiliar to you. In the digital marketing field, a brand ambassador is a famous personality (mainly actors, or musicians) who are paid to endorse a brand and show up on various commercials and promotional materials. These personalities basically agree to collaborate with a brand on a long-term […]

10 qualities to ensure the success of your digital marketing business

Digital Marketing

Do you operate a digital marketing company? If yes, then you must know what makes a digital company a success in the market. If your business fetches plenty of customers then it means you are a well-established and reputed digital marketing company. But if you’re not getting the desired-results then maybe the people don’t trust […]

What are the 4C’s of digital marketing?

digital marketing

It’s quite common as every digital marketer follows some kind of strategy to give a new light to their marketing business. Every year new strategies get introduced and marketers kinda approach them. Once it was a trend when marketers would follow the approach of 4Ps of marketing: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Well, this strategy […]