Things to know about shared hosting.

shared hosting.

If you’re into the internet marketing world, then you’re likely to be familiar with the term shared hosting. Shared hosting is one of the best type of web hosting services. It’s cheap and affordable. Shared hosting services are the inexpensive type of hosting which can be easily afforded by people.

Let me also tell you guys, if you are thinking of building your first website then shared hosting is the most basic form for you to incorporate in your website. Below I’m gonna dig into what shared hosting is and its 10 important facts about it. So let’s jump in the pool.

What exactly shared hosting is?

Shared hosting is a service through which people can run multiple websites. It’s an ideal and economical solution for small businesses and startups to have an online presence without the need for spending more money. Shared hosting is as economical as Hosting Raja Shared Hosting starts at Rs65/month.

Furthermore, in Shared Hosting the system administrator manages the server and also the websites to make sure that they are running securely. Shared hosting is a good choice that will save you time and money.

The features shared hosting offers are Ruby on Rails, MySQL, PHP and much more. You can also create a website, blogs, forums, and chat rooms on a single shared hosting account.

Important aspects of shared hosting.

– Communication

Without communication, can your business servive? No! Communication plays a crucial role in every business be it online or offline. Opting a hosting provider who has effective communication skills and active on a daily basis will help you grow your site performance. The hosting provider sends you a newsletter or any other content that shows a company is working, and new trends in technology.

– Cost

I already told you above that shared hosting is the most affordable web hosting service. Anyone can easily afford it at a low cost. Low cost or budget hosting seems appealing and many organizations would love to try. If your budget is low then you must consider using shared hosting for your business. No need to hover around searching another web hosting service provider.

– Support

In every website, support is very much required and also it’s a broad term in web hosting. Generally, a provider handles hardware needs, server administration, patching, connecting to the internet, and general maintenance of systems. It’s important to know what type of support your web host provides to you. Live chat support is increasing day by day so it’s a must-have support on your website so that people can easily connect you.

– Security

Privacy and security are very important topics for running a website. Let me share some points to determine whether a host is ready to meet your security meets or not:

Is the host SAS70 compliant?

Do you need to be a HIPPA complaint?

Does your site require PCI compliant?

Are Instruction Detection System (IDS) implemented?

Folks, there are chances that your site might not require all of the items listed above but knowing it will help you meet these requirements.

– Host Size

It doesn’t matter how much bigger your web host is. However, a bigger host not always proves better. You must analyze the number of domains, customers, and turnover rate evaluating a host. This is how you measure success. Another way to measure the size of the host is you can check how many data centers it currently has and how its equipment is deployed.

– Location of the host

The key to every business is its location. On the internet, where the host is located is very important as it is the key to performance and stability. For example, most of your customers are in Denmark and your host is located in the United States, it’s worth evaluating the experience your clients will have. So determining the good location of your host is very important for your business.

– Length of time in business

Having long experience in any business shows the skills and value of the business and it also shows that the host is trustworthy. Having years of experience in the business means you know how to compete with others and how to have a good relationship with clients. So always ask the host about the length of the time in business and the experience he’s having.

– Limitations

We all love the website which has a lot of traffic and click-through rates. When you know your site’s limits it will help you avoid overcharges. Luckily, the host provides you multiple options when it comes to limits. You must focus on limits of shared hosting such as application pool or memory limit. Exceeding limits will restrict the availability or perform recycles.

– Features

Knowing the features of every product or service is very important as they help us understand the true nature of anything. A shared web host is no different. Some features that you must ask about shared hosting are: what technologies do they support? Application pool memory limit, auto-responders, bandwidth options, control panel, costs for additional services, email, reseller programs, sub-domains, etc.

 – Types of hosting

Hosting is of various kinds as it comes in different shapes, and sizes. The different types of hosting are low cost or budget hosting, medium level hosting, enterprise-level or managed hosting, co-location, and cloud hosting.  All these hostings differ from each other and are beneficial for every small and large business.

This concludes today’s blog with the section of the series on facts of shared hosting. Shared web hosting gives you the freedom to create the online presence of your website at an affordable price and a shared amount of resources. So, utilize shared web hosting for your business.

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