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Everything you need to know about Hostinger before using it.

Hostinger web hosting

Web hosting and domain name are the most essential part of any website. A domain name makes the website look more professional whereas web hosting allows websites to store its files, docs, code, images, etc. all these things are live on the web. When it comes to the domain name, the popular site from where […]

Google defers in-app commission payment for developers till March 2022.

Google defers in-app commission payment for developers

Have you ever thought what will happen if search engine giant Google gets backlash by people? Well, this question is kinda shocking because no one can think of resisting Google, right. Google is a doer in digital industry, it doesn’t mean whatever policies it makes people will abide all of them. Now Google policies are […]

Google Meet’s free features will expire today.

Google Meet

Today, the world is fully virtual. From purchasing online products to conducting online interviews to video conferencing, everything has become possible due to digitization. Talking about professional video calling apps – then ZOOM, and Google Meet are on the top. No doubt Zoom is dominating the digital industry but majority of people do use Google […]