Smart keyword research methods for your business

Do you run online business? Running an online business requires a website and ecommerce store. The goal of every marketer is to rank their website on Google’s SERP. And to rank a website, keywords play an important role. Why so? Because people search keywords online and if your website ranks for that particular keyword it will show up in Google’s first page.

keyword research methods

And to run a successful ecommerce marketing campaign, keywords are crucial for any marketer. That’s where keyword research is very important as it will influence your marketing efforts and visitors as well. Since you know keyword is vital for your business, you must know about keyword research methods for your business.

Here I’m going to talk about some smart keyword research methods for your business. Without much ado, let’s dive in below.

Follow these keyword research methods for your business

Look at question being asked on Quora

Quora is one of the most professional forum or question/answer platforms on web. Here you will find liked minded people, industry leaders, professional bloggers, digital marketers, and so on. On Quora, people ask real and genuine questions and get answers for the same. And this is the best way to get keywords from users and readers. So, how do you find keyword? Firstly, you have to search for keyword in the search box. This is how you generate some keywords from Quora. Just go through the number of questions and find the right amount of keywords.

Use SEMrush tool to find keywords

Next method you can use to find keyword is using SEMrush tool. This is the most popular tool available in the market and is most favorite of marketers. Just login to your SEMrush account and enter your competitor’s URL in the search box. After login, just do organic search that you see on sidebar. You can find both short and long tail keywords. Make sure to use this tool and find relevant keywords for your business.

Make use of Udemy

Are you aware of Udemy? This is an online platform offering digital marketing course and many others related to your field. This platform can also be used to generate keyword for your online business. The interesting thing is that the courses you find on Udemy are created by experts in a niche and copy. Each course you find on Udemy has hidden keywords. Here you can create a free account and choose the relevant category.

Amazon is best for suggesting keywords

Next method you can use to research keyword for your online business is Amazon. Everyone would know that Amazon is the biggest and popular ecommerce site available across world. Whenever people want to find something online, either they search online or on Amazon. For any marketer, Amazon becomes a goldmine to find the relevant keyword. Furthermore, Amazon suggests you real keyword that you’re looking for. Here you can help you get targeted long-tail keywords. Moreover, you get to find related products you’re looking for.

Wikipedia will make your work easy

Who doesn’t know about Wikipedia? This is one of the most renowned website worldwide which has organized their articles and information. If you are wondered how to use this platform finding best keywords the all you need to do is go to Wikipedia and type your product keyword or category into the search bar. Most digital marketing company in Mumbai use Wikipedia for finding best keywords for your ecommerce business.

The bottom line

I believe this article helped you a lot for finding the best keyword for your ecommerce sites. Above I have mentioned all the smart methods which you must use to find best keywords for your business. Well, there are many more methods and a tool available in the market one of them is Google Keyword Planner. Moreover, you can also take help of Curvearro for finding you the best keyword for your site to rank it on Google’s SERP. So, what are you waiting for? Just optimize your website with relevant keyword by using above mentioned tips and also get in touch with Curvearro.

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