Lead Generation vs. Lead Nurturing, which one is better?

Lead Generation vs. Lead Nurturing

The two terms ‘lead generation’ and ‘lead nurturing’ are constantly used in digital marketing. For every business, lead generation is a crucial component of a successful sales and marketing strategy. What about lead nurturing then? Let me tell you what happens, many people actually make a mistake thinking that these two terms are interchangeable, but it is not like that. Do you actually understand the difference between lead generations and lead nurturing?

You are at the right place if you don’t know the difference between these two terms. Just stick to this article as I’m going to clear you the concept of these two terms and also whether incorporating one in marketing is good or both have to work together.

Let’s get started now.

Understand the concept of Lead Generation first

A ‘lead’ is a person who has shown interest in your company, and lead generation is the process of grasping this buyer’s attention and assisting him to the sales funnel. The lead generation is of two types-

Inbound lead generation – it centers on things like your blog, website, SEO, and social media.

Outbound lead generation – centers on email marketing, and advertisement.

Both of these two strategies are good to employ and work together in order to target leads. Lead generation is significant as it shows that the buyer is taking an interest in your company unlike marketer or business seeking out the buyer. This is a more natural type of relationship where the buyer is more likely to make a purchase.

Now move on to the concept of Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is the procedure of building strong relationships with individual customers with the intent of converting them into loyal, potential customers. Therefore, lead nurturing focuses more on qualified leads (a person who has already shown interest in your company). However, good lead nurture involves investigation what the customer is looking for and then addressing those needs through communication and marketing efforts.

Advantages and disadvantages of lead generation


  • The lead generation process helps you detect your targeted audience. It allows you to focus more on the part where you’re getting more audience on your site.
  • The power of lead generation lies in its sales. It boosts up your sales and helps you get a prompt response from the customers in the form of feedback.
  • Companies using lead generation can give away the essential information about the products or services the company is offering.


  • Using the lead generation process might not help you yield much Return on Investment (ROI) for your business or may get low ROI.
  • It sometimes leads to generate unqualified lead. It is pricey for you to send emails to a list of prospects who aren’t interested in what you’re selling.

Advantages and disadvantages of lead nurturing


  • Lead nurturing is more about personalizing your content with customers or visitors. It includes the recipient’s name and mentions facts in your company.
  • It helps customers to find trendy and relevant content for what they are searching for. It also keeps the communication channel opens for customers’ queries or comments.
  • Through the lead nurturing process you keep yourself engage with your customers and help them find the information about your company’s products.


  • Lead nurturing can be time-consuming and expensive also. Though lead generation is also time-consuming. You might end up spending a lot of money on the lead nurturing process.

Which is the best process for you to use: lead generation or lead nurturing?

Folks, I will be very simple here, lead generation and lead nurturing both the terms have to work together. They can’t be used interchangeably or alone rather they should work together. Each and every new lead has to be nurtured in order to grow into meaningful customer relationships that drive more purchases.

Additionally, lead nurture is one that makes lead generation worthwhile. However, both strategies have the same goal that is to generate more revenue for your company. Folks, integrating one strategy in your marketing strategy won’t work for you; you have to employ these two strategies so that they can work together and generate high ROI for your business.

In a nutshell, never ignore either of these two strategies, you must include both in your marketing strategy and see the killing results in the future. Utilizing one will not work for you. So be smart and work smart.

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