Effective ways to capture leads with Google Ads.

Google Ads

Being a part of digital marketing world, the term Google Ads has not been hidden from you. Google Ads is the platform where marketers pay to advertise their products and services in order to get quality lead generations. Though we know that Google Ads has revolutionized digital marketing and advertisement since the time it introduced (2000), now it doesn’t seem like the one it used to be. Digital marketers don’t find Google Ads as a lead generation tool and many marketers written off Google Ads as a means of collecting leads.

Hold on guys! Let me tell you that you can still use Google Ads for generating leads. Make sure you’re doing it in a right way. And how will you get to know this? I tell you what, Google is dynamic and ever-changing and so are its policies. If you don’t update yourself with it then the entire existed feature will look hackneyed to you and will not drive result accordingly. 

Coming back to Google Ads, if you have used it in past and haven’t updated techniques then this is the only reason you’re not getting the quality leads. But don’t worry you’re at the right place. In this article you’ll get to learn the ways through which you capture leads with Google Ads.

Let’s make a start now.

The effective ways to get quality leads with Google Ads

– Understand the Google Ads policies

As I already told you in the introduction the reason of not getting the leads can be of Google Ads policies. Google can be very strict with its guidelines and policies so it’s very important if you understand them fully. So when it comes to guidelines of Google Ads you have to focus on 4 major areas which include: prohibited content, prohibited practices, restricted content, editorial and technical content. By going through these policies, you will be able to get quality lead generation on your website.

– Build Google Friendly landing pages

In 2015, Google disabled 780 million ads, due to ad policy violation. And one of the main reasons is poor landing pages. Producing low quality, irrelevant, and unauthentic pages to site will not fetch you more visitors because no one will want to visit the site which has poor quality contents and Google will also not help you get lead generations. So what to do now? The only solution is creating quality landing pages so that visitors find it easy to get information about the advertised products. Also make sure the speed of your landing pages is good enough to easily open the site.

– Increase your Click Through Rates (CTR)

Which link you will click first? You will always click on the link which you will find straight-forward, relevant, information driven, and resonate with your goals. Make your ads most interesting one and different from others, doing so will fetch you more click rates. You must know that the visibility of your ad increases when the CTR increases. CTR is one of the main factors in getting the lead generation on Google ads.

– Optimize for Mobile

Mobile has become the most used platform for searching anything on net. Mobile devices are high in demand than desktop these days and optimizing your site for mobile for lead will surely provide you great results. Let me clear you one thing if your ads aren’t displayed on mobile that means you’re lacking behind in the competition in the digital world. Then make sure you set up your ads for optimized mobile PPC targeting otherwise you won’t be able to get the desired results.

– Examine and improve the quality score

This is another way to enhance the leads with Google Ads is to check your quality score. The range of score is between 1 and 10 and covers all the relevant keywords. So when you have higher quality score then it means Google thinks your ads and landing pages are relevant and useful. Thereby, track your score and make changes to improve it for best results with capturing your leads from Google Ads.

The bottom line 

Now you understood that Google Ads is one of the main factors to get the lead generations for your business. If you think you aren’t getting the desired results with Google Ads then it probably means you haven’t updated yourself with Google policies and not sticking to the rules. Getting quality lead generation via Google Ads isn’t tough rather it’s just a matter of keeping yourself updated with ins and outs of Google policies and following the points which I have discussed above.

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