Which one is more effective for brand promotion: Twitter or Facebook?

brand promotion: Twitter or Facebook

Social media is really a great platform for any marketing business. But Facebook & twitter have stolen the limelight. They both are essentially the crème de la crème of social networks. And both the platforms have seen their ups and downs lately and many marketers have used them for good reasons (brand promotion). And choosing the best one of them is completely a subjective case. But don’t worry! I am going to distinguish between Facebook and Twitter which will help you to make decision i.e. which one you can use for your brand promotion?

Facebook Vs Twitter: Numerical Approach

Let’s see through statistics which social site has maximum numbers of users.

Facebook statistics (according to Global digital future in focus report 2018)

  • 75% of male and 83% of female internet users is highly active on Facebook.
  • 22% of the world currently uses Facebook
  • Nearly it has 2 billion monthly active users.

Twitter statistics

  • Till now, 3 billion twitter accounts have been created.
  • 83% world leaders, politicians, actors are on twitter.
  • 81% of millennial checks twitter every day and it has 330 million monthly active users.

Facebook Vs Twitter: Audience Engagement

If I talk about Facebook first then, it’s a very well-known fact that almost every person has his account on Facebook than Twitter. And it makes Facebook really the most active social media platform that allows people to connect to larger people across the world. But people age between 65 and 75 are actively engaged on Facebook.

On the other hand, Twitter stats show that 23% of its users are between 30-49 years old, while 36% are between the ages of 19 and 29. It’s clearly visible that Twitter is being used by more young people than Facebook.

Now, according to your product, you have to find which social media is more suitable for your brand promotion and discover where your target audience spends their time the most.

Facebook Vs Twitter: Practical Approach or Functionality

One has to understand that both Facebook and Twitter have a different-different function to perform. Facebook is more about social engagement .i.e. connecting with family, friends, unknown people, or enjoying the moment, etc. Whereas Twitter has a fast-moving way for customers or people to discover new contents and see what’s new or trending in their social world.

So you can say that Twitter is like a bandwagon for your brand as you can connect yourself to new topics and promote your brand to a larger audience and achieve some great social public relation. And it’s also easy to earn a follower on twitter than getting likes on Facebook.

Facebook Vs Twitter: Advertisements

When it comes to social media advertisement, I can surely say that both the platforms’ (Facebook Twitter) are good enough for any brand product promotion. But it’s important to note that Facebook space is wider than Twitter when it comes to advertisement. But one can use the right Twitter tools to generate leads or sale.

Way Forward

Eventually, it’s up to you which social media you want to opt for promoting your brand. As both Facebook and Twitter deliver information and spread awareness in unique ways. If you are not able to decide yet, you can experiment with a profile on Facebook & Twitter and check the results.

You can also hire a digital marketing agency for your business or brand promotion. For more updates get in touch with us.