What will be the future social media advertising?

social media advertising

Social media has always been in great demand since it introduced in the world. The demand of social media is increasing day by day not because it is a good platform to get in touch with people worldwide rather it has eased the work of marketers as well as customers. Today, social media has become a great advertising platform. And there is no doubt that social media advertising is a big business in the digital world.

According to data, marketers have spent on social media advertisement $89 billion in 2019 and this ad spend will see an annual growth rate of 8.7% and likely reach $102 billion by 2020. This speculation might come true because now COVID-19 is at peak and the digital world is booming. However, the latest studies reveal that 70% of businesses generate leads on social media, and 58% of marketers claim that social media channels helped them boost sales over the years.

So let’s dig deeper into to know about the future of social media advertising.

The future of social media advertising 

Social media advertising is an effective channel for your marketing campaign that delivers a higher ROI for your ad spends. As time changes, social media goes through the online evolution which makes an impact on the business as well as on user behavior. Today, social media has become a powerful tool to raise brand awareness, get relevant conversions, and seek out new leads. The best thing about social media advertising is that the more you spend, the high ROI you get. Big brands such as Amazon, Wipro, and many other useful social media platforms to advertise their products and services in the market. It rightly shows the bright future of social media advertising.

Let’s read more about the future of social media advertising in points below.

#Social media advertisement future is dynamic  

Social media is a part of digital marketing and you all know that digital marketing is ever-evolving and dynamic in nature. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing keeps on changing and adopts new shapes and technologies. Consumers expectations of brands and their ads have shifted significantly in recent years. People now began to demand a more personalized form of social media advertising experience. Therefore, the brands that can easily adapt the changes and easily deliver dynamic ads to social media users will surely get praise in the digital world.  

#User experience will be king in social media advertising

Do you think without providing a good user experience your business can run for a long? No need to think because the answer is ‘No.’ There is no doubt that the future of social media advertising is bright and it is all about improving user experience. Moreover, the positive user experience must always be the first priority. Maintaining the workable ad revenue and user experience balance is needed for the long-term viability of the social media marketing industry. To make user experience amazing, you must test the limits of user tolerance for disruptive advertising on social platforms. As social media advertising is being used, it seems that the user experience will surely get enhanced in the future.

#Artificial intelligence will boost the power of social media advertising

Well, AI is already been in use but if we look at the future of social media advertising then AI will likely boost it for sure. It has optimized marketing which has produced great results for other digital marketing channels such as email. And social media ads are in the next category. So AI is a great way for brands to optimize social media advertising to help them collect massive data. However, AI has already made a great presence in social media marketing. The fact is marketers have only scratched the surface of AI in social media marketing. But the truth is AI is very useful in solving the problem of marketers as well as customers and once it is used in advertising it will help marketers get high ROI in their business.

#Video content will be at peak in the advertising

No doubt day by day technology is innovating and new methods and tactics are getting introduced in the digital world. Today, interacting behavior has changed on social media. People now use video chats to make their communication easier. Marketers are producing videos to launch their products and services in the market. It is also because people find videos engaging, interactive and less time-consuming. And this is the reason that video content will be dominating in social media advertising. As per the study, it was predicted that in 2020 the popularity of video content will increase. As per marketing experts, the popularity of video will continue to grow because video contents always get more engagement.

The bottom line

Social media advertising is omnipresent in the digital world. Everywhere you will see the social media ads, and videos to reach out to the audience. The demand for social media ads has grown tremendously because the majority of people spend their time on social media platforms. And this helps marketers to enhance the visibility of their brand in the market. However, the cost of social media ads is high but to get the fruitful results you have to invest in it.

I hope this article helped you know the future of social media advertising. Make sure you use it effectively. For more informative articles subscribe our website, till then keep reading and keep sharing.