Twitter Hashtags: Why And How To Use Them?

HASHTAGS! ‘Twitter Hashtags’ to be more precise as we know that Twitter is the birthplace of hashtags. In Twitter’s own words, “A hashtag—written with a # symbol—is used to index keywords or topics on Twitter.” However, they can be seen on every other social media platform these days. Nevertheless, their importance is very obvious as they are essential to how Twitter works. Hashtags enable Twitter users to find the topics of their interest. With the help of hashtags, Twitter will be able to display your tweet on Twitter search. Hashtags has been the dearest asset in online marketing campaigns. Investing in hashtags is really important for any brand running marketing campaign on Twitter. Those who don’t invest in it will not see impressive results out of their campaign.

Brands need to give priority to hashtags when planning their marketing campaign on Twitter. If you still have doubts about that, this blog post will tell you why you need to include Twitter hashtags in your campaign. We will also discuss how you can effectively use Twitter hashtags.

So, let’s just dive right in

Why use Twitter hashtags?

Twitter Hashtags

As per some online reports, Tweets with hashtag get twice more engagement than those without them. According to Twitter’s own research, you can see a hundred percent increase in the engagement by using hashtags. There are multiple other reasons of using Twitter hashtags. Here they are  

  1. Enhances brand discoverability and visibility
  2. Help brands stand out
  3. Highlight campaigns and promotions
  4. Create hashtags to follow events
  5. Generate engagement around trending topics
  6. Hashtags to promote thought leadership

Now, we will see how you can use Twitter hashtags effectively.

How to use Twitter hashtags in an effective manner?

Choosing hashtags should not be done in a hurry but with utmost care. The right and relevant hashtags will help you stay in the game among your competitors. They will get you relevant audience on twitter.

Here is a rundown of ways to use Twitter hashtags in an effective manner

📌 Simple and memorable

Using complex hashtags can puzzle the audience. Hence, it is advised to use simple and short hashtags. Another key thing to note is the hashtags should be easy to remember and easy to spell.

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📌 Create branded hashtags

You are adding hashtags in your marketing campaign for a reason and that reason is your brand. Your Twitter marketing campaign needs a branded hashtag for your company. So, it is very obvious to create branded hashtags. Besides that, you need to ensure the relevancy of the hashtags by monitoring them before you implement them. Hashtags need to be short in order to be easily memorized as well as need to be capitalized wherever you find appropriate to enhance your brand’s recognition and readability.

📌 Conduct research on what is in trend

What’s trending section is a goldmine for brands. Every brand needs to research what is trending on Twitter worldwide. After you complete your research, it is important to choose what your audience will find relatable and relevant. Moreover, you need to add something to the trend which will introduce and define you in front of the audience instead of looking like someone who jumped on a bandwagon.

You can join a conversation around a hashtag which is already popular among the audience. But, the trick is to add some value to it so that audience gets a reason to invest their time in you. Apart from that, you need to be very responsible with the usage of hashtags. What does that mean? That means your hashtags should be related to your brand and industry and not some tragic event which is totally unrelated to you as that can create a potential controversy so you might as well just avoid doing that.

📌 Have a reason to use them

Do not use hashtags for no reason. You got to have a reason for using them. Ask yourself why you want to use a hashtag. Moreover, your hashtags must be easy to recall. You can use SEO keywords in order to make your hashtags easy to recall and memorable. This is because they are short, easy to remember and improve the visibility. Your audience needs to have a reason to use your hashtag so give it to them. Also, you must tell the audience how to use your hashtag the way you want them to interact with it.

📌 Optimum number of hashtags

Hashtags are helpful, no doubt. But, using them in an excessive manner will not be of any help to your brand. Lots of hashtags will look overly commercial disturbing the natural flow of the text. So, use fewer and relevant hashtags only. Excessive hashtags will over power the tweet and making it look spammy and less authentic. Two hashtags per tweet is optimum.

📌 Ask Twitter influencers to use your hashtag

A great way to use and trend your hashtag is by asking Twitter influencers of your niche to use your hashtag. First off, you need to research and find the right influencers of your niche or industry. You can post a blog or infographic content with your hashtag on Twitter and you can also tag the influencer. Entice them to retweet it with their own use of the hashtag. This will help your brand get more visibility and audience on the social media platform. The followers of that influencer will check out your brand which increases your potential leads.

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Quick tricks for using Twitter hashtags

  1. Do not add spaces or punctuation in a hashtag, or it won’t work properly.
  2. The best practice is to use two hashtags per tweet.
  3. Use hashtag in tweet on a personal account, it will increase the discoverability of your brand.
  4. You can use Twitter Trends to discover what hashtags are trending and whether or not they are relevant to your brand and audience. If they are, you can start or join a conversation around those hashtags which will give you more visibility.
  5. In order to improve your brand recognition and readability you have to capitalize the hashtag in the appropriate places. For instance, #ThankfulThursday is easier to read than #thankfulthursday.

Final thoughts

You can make audience find and share your content only if you use the hashtags in the right way. When they see and share your tweets, your brand recognition and popularity will increase. It will support your brand, and enhance your influence and followers. So, use the abovementioned tips to effectively use Twitter hashtags.

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