Getting low website traffic? Here read the reasons

Running a website is neither an easy nor herculean task. Do you agree with me? Your website is the great asset for generating sales leads and revenue. But that’s only possible only when you get high traffic to the website. Without getting traffic, you can’t think of generating sales leads. However, most of the web operators get stuck when they don’t get high traffic. So, what’s the reason for not getting high traffic and sales leads to the website?

low website traffic

If you also concern about getting low website traffic, this article will clear all your doubts. So, make sure to read the article till the end. Let me now start.

Reasons your website doesn’t get high traffic

Below listed reasons will help you know what your website is lacking for which you’re getting low traffic.

✪ Your content isn’t engaging at all

If you have a website that means you have to write and post something on it. Without posting content on website, you can’t expect visitors to visit your website and spend time on it. Regardless the type of product or service you’re selling online, you have to talk about it through content so that visitors can have good idea about it. In fact, it’s quite obvious that if your posts aren’t compelling, engaging, and well-written, your visitors will likely bounce. And visitors may seem to lose interest if the writing is literally bad.

Note: the high engaging content you write, the more traffic and sales leads you’ll generate.

✪ Your website isn’t mobile-friendly

Today, the world is dominated by mobile-users more than desktop or laptop ones. Agree? The majority of world’s population uses mobile to access any kind of website online. In fact, back in 2016, Google shifted the preference from desktop to mobile for indexing the website first. That means if your website is mobile-friendly and can easily be opened on mobile devices then you’ll get higher traffic for sure. So, make sure to run a mobile-friendly test to check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not.

✪ Not optimizing website content for search engines

Optimizing content and website for search engine is one of the most crucial tasks for any web operator. You may not know but search engine optimization is an effective way to drive blog traffic. Once you optimize your content, this will boost your chances of climbing in the search rankings. In fact, it will help you domain authority and you get to boost your site on search engine results pages (SERPs). The digital marketing agency in Singapore also optimizes their website content to get high ranking on Google.

✪ Not providing informative content to audience

The sad reality today is that people want to run a blog or website without providing authentic information to people. The only reason people visit your website is just to get information. But if you write only for the sake of writing and not for imparting knowledge then people will immediately leave your website. If you keep doing so forget about generating traffic and sales leads to your website. Make sure your content is able to solve the queries; people have for your products and services.

✪ Not promotion on social media

One of the most effective ways to get high traffic and generate sales leads to your website is promoting your content on social media. Today, social media is not a mere communication platform rather has become a need for marketers to promote their business online worldwide. Nevertheless, people ignore or fail to promote their site on platform like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many more. If you’re a blogger then make sure to take advantage of these platforms.

Over to you

The ending part of this article says that you get blog traffic and sales leads depends only on well-written content, optimization, promotion, information you’re sharing through content, and search engine. In fact, strengthening these points will also mark the success of your blog or website. Now I have made it easier for you to recognize what is lacking in your website and what things you need to work on. Still, you‘re unable to work on your own, Curvearro is here to help you with that. Just get in touch with us.

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