How to perform mobile friendly tests for your website?

Today is the age of mobile users. Whether it’s about calling, messaging, gaming, researching on internet, getting traffic to website or anything else, mobile is dominating everywhere. Therefore, it rightly makes a sense to have a mobile-friendly website for every web operator or digital marketer. Have you ever asked yourself whether “my website is mobile-friendly or not?” Whether you have asked or not, let me tell you that mobile-friendliness is a vital factor in determining your online success. Therefore, it is quite important to ensure that your website passes the test. In case your website gets low ranking on test, it means you need to perform mobile friendly tests for your website to get a high rank on Google.

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The question is how to perform the test for your website? Don’t get fret guys. In this article, I will enlist some tools to help you perform the test. Ready to jump into the pool? If yes, let’s jump together.

The list of top mobile friendly checker tools to perform the test of your website

Below listed tools will help you perform the test of your website.

– Google’s PageSpeed Insights

The highly recommended tool to perform mobile friendly test is PageSpeed Insights by Google. The tool is handy one which provides you a lot of information about your website. Through screenshots, it will tell you how your website looks on mobile, tab, laptop, or desktop devices. Additionally, you will get speed scores for both mobile as well as desktop device. Not only this, the tool helps you fix the problems which you face while ranking your website on Google. You can easily solve the problem of your website. No doubt, this is the most favourite tool of marketers.

– RankWatch

Another tool you can use to perform mobile friendliness is RankWatch. This is the simple tool that provides you information whether the site is mobile friendly or not and also provides you the page score of the website. The result you get contains the information about mobile viewpoint, content, text size and links and buttons present in the website are mobile-friendly of not. In fact, RankWatch gives actionable data on rankings, backlinks, and SERP competitors to expand your organic traffic. You can also optimize your website and make is SEO friendly also.

– Google’s Mobile Friendly Test

Next prominent checker tool is Mobile friendly test. This is quite different from above tools as it tells you how Googlebot sees your page rather than how your mobile users see it. This becomes helpful process in knowing the feedback for SEO purpose also. So if your website passes the test successfully, you will get green message that says Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly. And if it doesn’t pass then you will get red mark saying Not mobile-friendly. It will also provide you a reason why your website is not mobile-friendly. Moreover, Google also lets you know whether your website is mobile friendly or not.

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– BrowserStack

Like PageSpeed Insight tool, BrowserStack also provides you screenshots of how your website looks on each device. It is a cloud based testing tool that provides developers the ability to test their websites and mobile applications across on-demand browsers, operating systems and real mobile devices. The tool also has little drawback since it has to load the website on each individual device and take a screenshot for you. This makes it a little slow. Well, BrowserStack is not a free service.

– W3C’sMobileOK Checker

This tool is full JavaScript Web application built with Node.js and selenium web drivers. This tool is based on mobile web browser emulator API which provides you a closer look to examine how your website looks on various types of mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, etc. moreover, it provides you information such as pop-ups are detected, the SSL certificate validity, etc.

The bottom line

I hope you also reckon that having a mobile friendly website makes business more appealing, attracting, and add glory to it. With mobile-friendly website, businesses are able to reach a large number of people and help to rank in the Google search results page. Once you utilize above tools to check the performance of your site, you will have a better idea whether your site is mobile friendly or not, whether any fixes are required to make or not. So choose the tool which you feel is suitable for you. Also read our work.

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