Pros & Cons of Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is omnipresent these days. Originally it was developed as a tool for interaction gradually. It attracted the attention of businesses to use it to promote their products worldwide. And this is what “Social Media Marketing” does. SMM is a tool which is carried out via any social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. Businesses are using this platform to propagate their products in the market. And it’s possible to connect with a large number of people on a one-on-one basis.

However, before you get into Social Media Marketing, I want you to know some of its pros and cons so that you can have a clear idea about how it can help you in your business.

So, let’s dive into the pros and cons of Social Media Marketing!

The pros of Social Media Marketing.

Following are the pros of SMM

1. Cost-effective strategy

SMM provides you a free platform to start your marketing business. You can interact with your customer at a basic level. It is considered a lower-cost digital marketing channel that makes it appealing for businesses. There are various renowned social media networks that are free to join and you can promote your products freely.

2. Increase brand recognition

Almost everyone has their account on social media, to get started with SMM, you can ask your friends, peers, relatives, etc. to like and share your page or post. When you get people to interact with your products it creates awareness among the public.

3. Massive audience

Promoting your company’s product on a social media platform helps you in getting a large number of audiences. It offers you the chance to reach millions of people. Unlike traditional marketing, it breaks down whatever demographic barrier, be it sex, gender, or social status. There is no limitation of the audience in social media marketing.

4. Relationship building

SMM is a platform which allows you to have one-to-one interaction with your customers and build a positive relationship with them.

5. Better customer satisfaction

Customers really like when they get a personal response from your business page rather than getting an automated message response. It shows that you care for your customers. This will put you in an advantageous position and help you in attracting more customers.

The cons of Social Media Marketing.

Following are the cons of SMM

1. Time-consuming process

You can say this is one of the biggest cons of social media marketing. You need to spend a lot of time refreshing your pages with contents suitable enough to keep your audience interested and engaged. It also requires a lot of research which ultimately consume your time.

2. Risk of negative comments, users, publicity

Social media influences all sorts of people i.e. positive and negative. The negative includes spammers, trolls and another malicious individual who can harm your online reputation. And you might get negative comments and reviews about you from them.

3. Less control

Whatever you publish online is open to comment and criticism. That’s why you have no control over what you publish online as everything is available for anyone. People can use your content or material to criticize you that can damage your reputation.

4. Hard to estimate ROI

Social media marketing is a long term strategy, it could take a month or years before showing a result on investment. If you’re going into SMM for the first time then don’t expect to get ROI instantly. It will take some time.

Way Forward!

After reading the pros and cons of social media marketing, you have a clear idea now whether SMM is an ideal choice for your business or not. Social media marketing does offer you some tangible, favorable results for your business. Although you need to understand that it’s not a quick fix that will suddenly give you a burst of sales, it does provide you the extreme potential for relationship building in the long run.

For Social Media Marketing you can hire a digital marketing agency for better result. If you are looking to do so, kindly get in touch with us.