Pros and Cons of Bing advertising.

Bing Ads

Advertising is one of the most vital parts of digital marketing. Without advertising, no business can attract its audience and without the audience, they can’t generate sales, right. It means advertising becomes a great pillar of every online business. But when it comes to advertising platform most people go with Google Ads which is dominating the search engine. And second, the most dominating platform that comes in the list is Bing ads. Let me also tell you that Bing has a market share of 18% however this market share varies from market to market. So, you can say that advertising on Bing represents an opportunity.

If you’re already using this ad platform and willing to use it in the future then this article is for you. I will highlight some pros and cons of Bing Advertising. So keep reading below.

First let me shed some light upon Bing ads

Bing ad platform basically operates on Microsoft’s three popular search engines: Yahoo, Bing, and AOL. So whenever you use Bing ad campaigns, your content is shared across all of these three platforms at once. You will be happy to know that more than 5 billion monthly searches happen on the Microsoft network. This data shows that how much popular the Bing PPC ad platform is.

When talking about functionality, Bing PPC almost works like Google ads. You basically bid on keywords based on their traffic volume, then after your ad will display when that keyword is searched, and finally, you pay Bing whenever a visitor clicks on your ads.

Move on towards pros and cons of Bing Ads.

The Pros of Bing Ads

# Less expensive

Who doesn’t like a cost-effective model, product, or any advertising platform? No one can deny this because when you get anything good in fewer amounts you will love to buy that particular thing, right! The same case is almost going to Bing PPC. No doubt Bing is less popular than Google Ads which means makes it less competitive for keywords basically lowering the bidding price. However, it doesn’t happen always. So you only pay fewer amounts when the competition for that particular keyword is less competitive.

# Top-of-Page Ad Placement

This is another advantage of using Bing ads. Bing has the ability to show more ads at the top of the search engine page when compared to Google. I would say this is a big advantage for Bing users as they get more visibility on the search engine results page than Google. No doubt, Google is a highly desirable ad placement because those are easily found and seen. So when you use the Bing platform you will see that your ads are getting seen by the audience more than Google Ads.

# Bing + Yahoo (two different audiences)

Bing ads are shown on three search engines that are Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. It means Bing fetch different kinds of audiences for your ads. The ad center of Bing serves its ads for Yahoo, generating a Yahoo Bing Network that represents both engines combined. It means you can attract a larger number of audiences with a single ad tool.

# Daily and monthly budget

This is another advantage of using Bing ads. You all want to maintain your monthly budget spent on ad campaigns so that you can get fruitful returns from your ad campaign. Here Bing ads offer you the possibility to set daily or monthly budget for their campaigns while in AdWords you can only set a daily budget. This advantage will add glory to your business because you can save money and time in advertisement campaigns.

Some other advantages of Bing Ads.

  • Bing Ads has a strong UI and desktop client for making bulk changes.
  • Bing ad’s customer support is 100x better than Google ads.
  • With Bing, you can easily import and update campaigns from Google.
  • The platform also offers you higher quality traffic at a lower cost than Google.
  • Bing is more transparent with rules, guidelines, and changes to the platform than Google.

The Cons of Bing Advertisement

# Less traffic

No doubt, Google is a widely used advertising platform and it has more reach than any other advertising platform. So the first con comes here is less traffic. Yes, guys, Bing has a much smaller market share than Google. If you put all your focus here, you might lose some potential customers who are not using Bing or Yahoo as their search engine.

# Limited geographical presence

If you compare Bing ads with Google ads then Google ads are available in almost all countries. Bing Ads currently available in approximately 20 countries. For example, Bing ads are not available in Belgium. Therefore, if you use Bing ads then you are only targeting a limited audience not worldwide one.

# Lower click-through rate

You have read above that Bing ads provide less traffic and limited geographical presence over your ads. It simply means that Bing ads get less click-through rate than Google. As per comScore, ads showing on Google generally get a higher traffic click-through rate than the ones showing on Bing.

Final words

Finally, I just want to say that Bing Ads is a great advertisement platform. It offers many great advantages for users who use it. But it also has some disadvantages which make it a less compatible advertising platform. However, everything has its pros and cons so as Google ads. There is no doubt that Google ads are the leading search engine for your ad campaigns, But you can’t ignore Bing only for some of its cons it has. Bing ads have more advantages than disadvantages. Therefore, you can go with Bing as a complement to your ad campaigns.

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