Everything to know about POP marketing

Do you want to acquire more sales leads? Or want to attract customers to your products in the market? I know your answer is yes, of course, generating sales leads is one of the goals of every marketer. Due to which marketers follow different kinds of marketing strategies. No matter whether you’re into offline marketing or online marketing, there is one method of doing marketing which will help you attract sales leads in both ways such as brick & mortar store as well as website. The marketing I am talking about here is POP marketing. Have you ever heard about this? If yes, well and good. If no, you have spotted the right place, here you will learn everything about POP marketing. So keep your eyeballs here, I will start from the basics first.

POP marketing

Let’s now get started.

What exactly POP marketing is?

POP stands for Point of purchase. This term is used for a place where you display products for sale. It can be anything online store as well as brick and mortar store. For example, Reliance, Easy day, Wal-Mart, local retailer, etc. or digital stores like e-stores and online shopping sites. Why exactly POP is used? The displays in this type of marketing are made to appeal to customers. It basically draws attention to particular brands and special offers and discounts like Buy 1 Get 1 Free, 50% off on all products on shelf, Quantity discounts, etc.

Sometimes, several items are bundled together and sold at special price. Well-designed POP displays can attract more sales. This all helps in capturing the attention of potential buyers.

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Now dig deeper below.

3 different types of Points of Purchase

There are 3 types of POP marketing which you can use in your strategy. Have a look at them below.

1. Temporary displays

This type of marketing is designed to last a couple of weeks or months. Temporary displays usually feature some promotion, discount or seasonal product description. In fact, displays basically come from inexpensive cardboard.

2. Semi-permanent displays

Another type of this type of marketing is Semi-permanent displays. This marketing lets you display that lasts anywhere from three months to a year. Another name for this type of marketing is off-shelf displays or secondary displays. The products displayed in this marketing are of better quality.

3. Permanent displays

The last type of POP marketing includes permanent displays. Big and major brands usually use permanent displays which last for years.

As per your needs, brands, or products, you can choose the type of marketing you want to go with. In the next section you will read objective of POP marketing.

What is the aim of Point-Of-Purchase marketing?

In marketing, you want to get the consumer to make a purchase on impulse, right. Sometimes, you just can’t do it but POP marketing can easily help you do it because this is the object of it. Every marketer always looks for better opportunities to showcase products that attract attention of your customers’ eyes. For example, a restaurant can set up displays cases by the cashier with desserts to lure an eater’s sweet tooth when they are receiving their takeout. No doubt, this is the most effective marketing tactic amongst marketers.

What approaches you can follow in this marketing?  

POP marketing approach is different based on the type of store you own such as brick & mortar store or an eCommerce store. You can follow the given ideas to attract your consumers’ attention including –

  • Posters
  • Digital coupons
  • Pop-up ads
  • Counter displays
  • Aisle displays
  • Coupon displays
  • Digital displays

If you follow any of the approach mentioned above, you can easily attract the customers with deals, promotions, and products. This strategy will also work for your online stores as well.

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The conclusion

POP marketing is very effective approach of enticing your customers’ shopping experience and ultimately increases their basket size. If you literally found this marketing worth using and want to create a successful marketing campaign with it, then you first have to know your audience. After that, build a connection with them through different marketing avenues. Finally, you’re golden in POP marketing.

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