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Pros and Cons of using Logrocket conversion optimization tool

Logrocket conversion optimization tool

In my previous article I talked about various types of conversion optimization tools and another article was on “Fullstory” COT particularly. Now, this article will focus on the “Logrocket” another conversion optimization tool specifically. Here you will get to learn the pros and cons of it. Guys if you want to convert your visitors into […]

Some flaws you need to avoid for your E-commerce in 2020


How many of you are running an e-commerce business? E-commerce is a great platform to boost your business and its products on an online platform across the world. Running an e-commerce business means an opportunity to showcase your business worldwide. But you know what marketers take this business lightly and consider it as a cup […]

What are the strategies to promote content for 2020?

strategies to promote content

You all have heard the famous adage “content is king.” This adage is actually meant for content marketing which is a significant part of digital marketing. People working in digital marketing know that content marketing has been proven to deliver great results for marketers. According to research, content marketing generates three times more leads at […]

5 best software to detect click fraud.

click fraud

No matter how dynamic and innovative digital marketing can be, it will always be surrounded by fraud activities. One such fraudulent activity is “Click fraud” which is the most concerning issue of PPC (Pay per Click) industry. In the past few years, click fraud rates have been increasing remarkably and now have become the most […]

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