How do you analyze on-page copy quality?

You’re producing enough quality content for your website, for your readers, and even for search engines to rank the website on the top. Isn’t it? According to you, your content is unique, qualitative, and informative. But how will you tell this to Google? How Google will know whether your on-page copy is of good quality? Do you have any idea? If no, let me tell you then – guys, you have to analyze on-page copy quality of your content. After analyzing the copy, you’ll be able to tell Google about the quality of your on-page copy.

on-page copy quality

Again the question is – how to analyze the on-page copy quality? If you also have this question then be continue with this article. Here you’ll learn the ways to analyze on-page copy quality.

Ready to learn? Let’s get started.

Google’s Mantra is to Create Google Quality Content

Yes guys, before you jump onto learn the analyzing part, you have to know what kind of content Google gives priority to. Here read in bullet points below:

  • – Content should be relevant, informative, and unique
  • – There shouldn’t be plagiarism in your content
  • – The length of the content should be between 500 and 1200 (maximum has no limit)
  • – Content should be user-friendly and SEO optimized

The list goes on and on. But we have to move on to analyze the on-page copy quality. So, let’s read below.

How do you check the on-page copy quality of your content?

The most awaited answer to this question you’re going to read below. I’ll enlist some points that will help you analyze the on-page copy. Have a look below.

★ Follow a pattern or structure for your content

First off, I would say don’t write content for the sake of writing. You would not know but after page title content structure is considered to be the important on-page SEO factor. The content structure means how you use H2/H3/H4 and subheadings to introduce new sections of your copy. Headings and subheading actually make your content well decorated otherwise without them your content is mere a wall of text. That’s why Google uses subheadings to know the vital points of the article. So, make sure you add subheadings and give your content a proper structure.

★ Add relevancy to your content

Now this is subjective. You may ask how to add relevancy to the content. Or you may not even know what relevancy in the content is. Well, Google determines relevancy of content as per certain search query. If you want to check how relevant your content is in the eye of Google or readers then you can always use tool to check it. One such tool is Text Optimizer. While analyzing if you get higher score, the more relevant copy it is to your target audience.

★ Quality outbound links

So, the SEO of your article only gets completed when you add outbound link to it. Mind it; the link should be of quality. How do outbound links contribute to search engines? Following points will let you know:

  • – Google uses outbound links to go from page to page and site to site
  • – Quality links are part of your quality content
  • – You actually invite users to check other sites by linking it to your own content.

To analyze outbound link for your site, you can use Site Checker tool. It will tell you whether your link is of good quality or not.

★ The readability of content should be excellent

What is the use of such content which users aren’t even able to understand? Let me tell you that Google considers readability as direct ranking factor. To make good readability of your content, you need to follow some points given below.

  • – Write short sentences and paragraphs
  • – Use bullet points
  • – Use headings and subheadings
  • – Don’t write complicated terms
  • – Always use more active voice in lieu of passive voice

In fact, Yoast SEO also gives you readability score. You can check there how to improve it.


So, guys checking on-page content quality is vital for your website. If you aren’t getting traffic, views, and conversion that means you’re compromising with the quality of content. Make sure to check it with tools. But remember one thing there are plenty of other points that comes to check the quality content and above mentioned are main one. I hope you understood all of them and found this article formative.

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