What is negative keyword? What are its benefits?

How do people search anything on Google? Through keywords, right. That means keywords play a huge role in digital marketing company in bangalore. If you’re a startup, ‘negative keyword’ is something you must know about. You may or may not have heard this term. But this is very important for all the digital marketers’ right there. The benefits negative keywords bring to their business, no other business may fetch this to you. Do you want to know what benefits you get from negative keywords? If no, here you will learn about it.

negative keywords

But before that let me give you a little spoiler alert here. 

What is negative keyword?

In simple words, negative keywords are often overlooked part of online business. Negative keywords (or negative match) are words or phrases that actually prevent your ad from being triggered by a particular search query (especially bad leads). In fact, negative keywords basically promote the keywords that are much relevant to your customers. Here you can think of negative keywords as filter.

With the right and powerful integration of negative keywords, this process will effectively increase overall targeting, places ads in front of interested users, and ultimately increase ROI.

Let’s come to the highly awaited part of this article, which is ‘benefits of negative keywords.’

Top benefits of negative keywords in your business

These are the benefits you get from negative keywords once you implement in your online business:-

✔️ High CTR you get

Click-through-rate (CTR) is important for online business owners. And this is the first benefit you get from negative keywords. Basically, negative keywords eliminate the potential search queries that don’t make any sense for a particular campaign. By eliminating the irrelevant queries, you are actually increasing the potential click-through-rate to your business.

✔️ Conversion rates also get increased

When you improve the search query of your keyword ad copy, you also start getting high conversion rates to your site. Not only do you get high CTR, but also generate high conversion rates to your site. This way you’re actually sending more qualified leads to your site, right. And this is how you increase conversion rate to your site.

✔️ Reduce cost per conversion

So, next benefit you get from negative keywords is the reduction in cost per conversion. With high conversion rate, you send high quality and potential traffic to your website. Why? Because here you’re only targeting those people who’re actively looking to buy your products and services. So, this way only potential and relevant customer will click on your ads. That means you will see a reduction in your cost-per-click conversion as you proceed further to spend less to get a sale.

✔️ Save huge money

Yes, that’s right. Keyword negative actually helps you save money because through them you only target the potential leads that are actually interested in your products. If any irrelevant lead clicks on your ad, you will then have to pay for that click for no reason. This is a waste of money, right which you don’t want to waste away. So, negative keywords actually help you avoid waste money. Below I’m going to enlist few points on which you may want to add negative keywords to avoid spending money. These points include:

  • – Irrelevant searches to your ad campaign goals
  • – Searches that have no relevance to your products and services
  • – Searches that have similar brand name. With extensive negative keywords, you can avoid this which makes your ad campaign less productive.
  • – Some searches cost lot of money and don’t actually convert so this is how negative keywords will help you with that as well.
  • – Searches related to competitors’ brand names are already there. If you also invest money on it, may not work for you. That’s why you need to avoid spending money on competitor’s brand name.

To conclude

Negative keywords are most underrated part of digital marketing company in pune. But if implement with proper strategy and technique, they can do wonder for your business. You have already read the benefits you get from negative keywords. I can say that a solid strategy of negative keywords can help you improve the overall performance of your accounts tremendously. What are you waiting for? Implement negative keyword strategy in your business and save money, get high CTR, generate leads, and much more.

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