LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy: Here is a way to do it

“LinkedIn is a powerful tool to boost your brand performance.”

Do you agree with the quote mentioned above?

We all know that Facebook is the social media giant. But when it comes to create a community of B2B professional people, LinkedIn is the platform people look up to. Whether you want employees for your company, sell products, post a job, or anything you want to do for a professional purpose, LinkedIn becomes the right platform to get your job done. But to fulfil this task, you need a powerful LinkedIn content marketing strategy.

Right strategy helps you stand out among competitors. But what this strategy is?  This article talks about the LinkedIn strategy which will help you achieve your business goals.

So, let’s dive in below.

LinkedIn content marketing strategy has following pillars…

Given are the top pillars which you’ll need to create a robust strategy for your clients. The pillars include:

1. Your audience base

2. What they care about the most

3. Your content pillars

4. Your schedule to post on LinkedIn

5. Journey of your customers

Below we’ll talk about these 5 pillars in details. So don’t dare to skip the article otherwise you’ll miss the important information. So, let’s get started.

Pillar 1 – Know about your ideal audience

Who are your customers? Your audience right. To get customers, you first have to know who your potential audience is. Let me tell you that your LinkedIn audience is comprised of business owners, professionals, industry leaders, and many more. Don’t restrict your profile to limited people rather join the groups, communities, and other platforms to grow your community. Just write down the details about your business, what products & services you sell. To recognize your audience, just create content and recognize what interests them the most.

Pillar 2 – What people care about the most?

How will you know what people care about the most? What brand and service they’re looking for? Well, to understand about their taste and preferences, you can create a poll listing top services and products. The poll will help your business identify what they exactly want and looking for. So, getting to know about people choice, preferences, their likes and dislikes will help you identify your audience.

Pillar 3 – Focus on content pillars

Content is always a king since inception of digital marketing. And we all know the reason. It is because Google, the search engine giant, gives first and foremost priority to content than any other thing in online world. That’s why creating sophisticated and logical content boost your brand performance. Half of the audience you attract with content per se. But what pillars you need to consider when creating content?

Following pillars will help you create a powerful content, just look at them below.

  • – Understand your audience
  • – Write informative and descriptive article
  • – Create compelling content
  • – Promote content on different channels
  • – Finally measure and analyse the results

In case, you don’t know how to produce an attractive content, forget there is content marketing agency available for helping you with content.

Pillar 4 – Look at your posting time table

Posting content on any social media platform works wonder, if done properly. Time plays an important role in posting anything on social media especially if you’re posting something valuable and informative. You definitely want people to read whatever you post on LinkedIn right. You want people to access your content. For that purpose, you need to focus on the time of posting. Obviously, if you don’t know when your audience is most active on LinkedIn, posting anything at any time will not be worth sharing.

The advice I want to give you here is to create a timetable for posting things on LinkedIn.

Pillar 5 – Understand customer journey

Last but not least pillar of LinkedIn content marketing strategy is to understand your customer journey. With this pillar, you finalize how your LinkedIn marketing strategy actually worked for you. Well, customer journey actually means whether customers are taking any action through your content or not. For that you must include call-to-action (CTA) button to get as many leads as possible. The call-to-action (CTA) includes:

  • – Get in touch
  • – Contact us
  • – Hurry up! (To show urgency)
  • – Call us
  • – Engage with us
  • – Subscribe to us

And the list may go on and on. If you could think of any other CTA button, just use it to get the most out of it.

The end…

LinkedIn is a powerful game zone for all types and size of business. All you need to do is just attract people with your content, product, and service you sell. The more people you accumulate in your circle, the higher results you attain. With LinkedIn content marketing strategy mentioned above in this article, you will get the results you’re looking for.

If you have not achieved anything with LinkedIn marketing yet, we ensure that the above mentioned tips (or pillars you can say) will work wonder for you. All you need to do is just follow and implement them. We ensure you will get the best results possible.

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