How will you convert your cold enquiry into hot customers?

convert your cold enquiry into hot customers

So let me start by asking you a question, what’s the most important aspect of any company? Guessing? Ok! Let me tell you, it is the company’s ability to generate more and more leads and effectively turn a section of these leads into buyers instantly.

However, there are 3 types of buyers/customers- Hot buyers (purchase from you immediately), Buyers in power (have no immediate purchase for your service) and Looky loos (one time showed interest in your products). Try not to neglect your last two buyers who are cold ones. They can also do wonders for you if nurtured properly.

So, what should be your approach to convert your cold enquiry into hot buyers or customers?

I am going to highlight some points below that will help you convert your cold enquiry into hot customers. Just keep on reading!

Some ways to convert cold enquiry into hot customers

1. Build Trust and Authority

If you want to build trust among your cold customers you need to make them ensure that they are still an important customer for you. You can send them relevant contents such as blogs, emails, newsletters, infographics, e-books, etc. Let your cold leads know you still concern for them. You also need to understand their pain-point and ensure them how your service can aid in overcoming their current challenges. Try to offer them some solutions.

2. Reclassify your cold leads

You can reclassify or requalify your leads through contents. Your valuable contents might reactive the dead list of your customers. People love to read the content which can resolve their queries and problem and maybe ways to overcome it. For instance, if you get a 100 people to click through your article and 30 out of 100 re-enter their email address to access the lead magnet. It shows that these 30 people are still interested in your products but not confident enough to make a purchase, you need to make them sure by resolving their queries.

3. Build a relationship on social media

Social media has been in a trend. Although building a relationship on social media takes time yet it’s a platform which can blast your brand’s message globally. However, the real value comes when you maintain a one-to-one relationship with your customers. Rather than responding to audience engagement, you need to reach out to people in relevant groups to build personal relationships. It will also help you build conversion and customers’ loyalty later on.

4. Establish a connection and a need

Remember that you’re going into the list of cold enquiry and have little knowledge of prospect’s needs and situation. You need to ask them questions to help them articulate their needs. And if you have not established rapport and a connection with your clients then you must because then only your cold enquiries will turn into hot customers.

5. Messaging

If you have records of your old customers and if they are not making a purchase from your company then you can inform them about your products and services through message. It can help you turn those cold enquiries into hot customers. You need to ensure them that you make their purchasing process worthwhile and a memorable experience.

6. Offer free email courses to educate your buyers

Another way to convert your cold queries into hot customers is to educate your customers through free online courses delivered via email. A well-developed email course on the relevant topic provides cold queries new insight on issues related to your products and services. Thereby, you prepare them to become your ideal buyers and turn them into hot customers.


For marketers and business, every type of customers or buyers is important whether they are cold or hot, it doesn’t matter. You need to check, if your customers are cold queries then it’s your responsibility to heat them up with proper training, planning, and process management. It will help you turn your cold customers into hot buyers.

You can also take help from the above-mentioned points and start getting more leads for your business. For more interesting articles get in touch with us, till then keep reading and happy selling.