How to get started with Customer Match Marketing?

Customer Match Marketing

Customer data always play a significant role. No matter whether the marketing is traditional or digital, customer data can do wonder for any marketer. What wonder am I talking about? You’re thinking about this! As a marketer, you will always want more and more customers to connect to your brand. But what happens if you have no connection with your past customers? How will you connect to them? The very simple answer you all know is “Customer data.” Yes guys, through customer data, you can engage with your past or existing customers.

And you know what this kind of marketing is called? It is “Customer Match Marketing.” This can become a powerful marketing strategy if you start with customer match marketing. Do you want to learn customer match marketing?

Let’s get started then.

What exactly the concept of Customer Match Marketing is?

Customer match marketing is a very fresh concept of creating ad by using customer data. When you create an ad using customer data, you basically enhance your brand reach and generate sales leads. There are many ad networks like Google (through customer match), Facebook (through custom audiences) support customer match marketing.

Furthermore, customer match marketing works almost like retargeting. The collected email will work as customer data and enhance your digital marketing.

What customer match is for Google ads?

Customer match is a new product from Google. It is an audience targeting tool for Google Search Networks and Google Display Network ads. Google Customer Match gives advertisers the ability to build and target their own previous customers simply by uploading prospects’ email addresses. Therefore, Google Customer Match allows advertisers to use online and offline customer data to re-engage existing customers. Thereby, it will help you reach users that re similar to your clients.

How to get started with Customer Match Marketing?

Customer match marketing is very simple to start. It has three simple steps. You can read below.

– Generate your customer data file

The very first step in the process of creating customer match marketing is to generate a customer data file. This file you will upload to Google Ads, in Google Sheets, or in Microsoft Excel. Furthermore, which type of data you want to use to create a customer data file can be done via option.

You will see three types of customer data files:

  • User IDs
  • Mobile Device IDs
  • Emails, Phones, or Mailing Addresses

Moreover, if you want Google to read your file, you need to follow some guidelines such as:

  • For your file: Create and save your file as a CSV file
  • Encode your CSV file as either ASCII or UTF-8
  • For your data: label your headers in English
  • List your headers in line: Email, Phone, First name, Last name, Country,  Zip
  • Now enter your customer information

In case you make any mistake in any of your files or data, Google will notify you about the same.

– Now upload your customer data file

In the second step, you move ahead because you’re done with creating your customer data file. It means you can send it to Google. Now you need to log into your Google ads account. Then select “Tools & Settings” from the main menu. Move and click “Audience manager” from the dropdown menu. Now Google will take you to the Audience manager dashboard. Now click the “+” button, it will open a dropdown menu. Finally from the dropdown menu select the “customer list.”

To complete your customer match file, you need to complete the form which includes:

  • Audience name
  • Data to upload
  • Membership duration
  • Description

With the above points, you’re ready to create and upload your customer data list.

– Update your target audience to customer match

This is the final step in the process of creating customer match marketing. So I guess till now you’re done with creating and uploading the customer list. It means you can use it now. Now move ahead and create an ad campaign that you want to use for your marketing. If you want to use the current ad campaign then you have select from the left-hand sidebar menu and choose “Audiences” from the pop-out menu.

So, after opening your “Audience” menu, choose your ad group, and search for your customer list.

To conclude, with all the 3 steps, you’re all set to release your Customer Match Marketing. This is worth marketing if you are serious about boosting your digital marketing business.

Get in touch with us for more articles, till then keep reading and Happy Customer Match Marketing!!!