How social media is using artificial intelligence in 2020?

Believe it or not, Artificial Intelligence is going to rule the entire world in the future. Every business is gradually inclined to adopt AI. We all have become so much dependent on Artificial Intelligence that the process has become skyrocketing. Well, I’m not going to talk about Artificial Intelligence in business rather how social media uses AI in 2020. I think it shouldn’t sound non-identical to you as AI has become a key component of the popular social network you use every single day.

In this post, I will demystify social media and AI, and how exactly social media use AI and what AI is for social media. So before, I clear these concepts to you first let’s understand what exactly Artificial Intelligence is.

The concept of Artificial Intelligence!

Every expert has a different answer for Artificial Intelligence which means you’ll not get an exact definition of it. But one definition I personally like from Demis Hassabis, CEO of DeepMind, an AI startup acquired by Google.

According to Hassabis, “AI is the science of making machines smart.”

If I paraphrase it then it simply means we teach machines to be like humans. We give them the ability to hear, see, speak, move, and write. We all are surrounded by AI, how? Our phones have dozens of native capabilities powered by AI like voice assistance, and real-time navigation.

Now let’s move further and talk about how social media uses AI.

Artificial Intelligence in social media (2020)

I have already told you that Artificial Intelligence is a key component of social media. Now it’s time to see how. Below I’m enlisting various social media platforms and the use of AI in them. So let’s have a look at below.


The social media giant Facebook uses advanced machine learning to do everything. It serves your content to recognize your face in photos to target users with advertising.


Owned by Facebook, uses Artificial Intelligence to identify visuals.


This social media platform holds the power of computer vision, an Artificial Intelligence, to track your features and cover filters that move with your face in real-time.


LinkedIn is one of the great professional social media platforms. It uses Artificial Intelligence to provide job recommendations, suggests people you might like to connect with, and serves you specific posts in your feed. 


Twitter uses AI to monitor the topics which are trending and determine the ranking of tags. It also tries to rank the tweets in order of relevance rather than ranking them chronologically. Thereby it helps to improve the navigation of the platform.


YouTube owned by Google uses Artificial Intelligence to remove violent and illegal videos. Data shows that 76% of videos (or objectionable contents) were automatically identified and flagged by AI.

Guys, above given are a few examples of how social media is using AI. You can also see how AI and Machine Learning are regulating the content you create and the ads you buy are placed in front of users. Anyone can say how AI has become a fundamental part of social media.

How AI is transforming social media?

– Optimization of contents in social sites

Contents are the most crucial part of the digital marketing strategy. They increase your sales and brand awareness. Here AI is helping marketers to optimize their content by understanding the needs of the customers, the strengths and weaknesses of other marketers.

– Satisfactory customer services

This is the very goal of every business to satisfy their customers. And organizations are striving to enhance their customer services with the advancement of AI in marketing so that businesses can now deliver high-quality services to their customers.

– Growth of competitor’s analysis

We all have this tendency to keep an eye on our competitor. Here AI focuses on accuracy which is time-saving. It gives an idea to marketers about various aspects such as sales.

– Improve user experience in social media platforms

Every day 2.8 billion people use social media. And the marketing competition is also growing every day on it. That’s why social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. take the help of AI.

The bottom line!

We can see the effect of Artificial Intelligence worldwide since the time it introduced to the world in the 1950’s. This guide has discussed everything about social media and the role of Artificial Intelligence in it. I hope now you have enough knowledge that how AI in social media help organizations to get more revenue and provides a safer environment and good experience to their users.

Kindly comment below to let us know how you find this article. Till then keep reading and get in touch with us