How image optimizations can double your sales?

image optimizations

What you actually see prior to buying any product, text content, or an image? Well, image is more preferred now than text content. People like physical touch, want to see the real or 3D images of the product when buying online. Gone are the days when text content was preferred more to know about the product. Now people like to see an image and then make their purchasing decision based on it. E-marketers now include more images to get the most out of their marketing and making customers experience enhancing one.

With this intension in mind that images double the sales, marketers actually forget to optimize the images and stuff their website with overloaded and high sized images. This becomes a problem for marketers and people leave the site rather than making a purchase.

I’m going to share some best to optimize your images that can actually double your sales. Let’s get started now.

First understand the concept of image optimization.

Image optimization might sound difficult for those who are new to the digital marketing field. It is also a challenging task if not done or followed properly. So what exactly image optimization is? Image optimization is basically a process of reducing the size of the image and making it appear more qualitative. When you optimize the size of the image, it also reduces the loading time of the website and makes it load faster. So image optimization is an effective process to get the good rank of the site on Google’s SERPs.

Now move on and learn how image optimizations can double your sales.

Learn the following ways to optimizing your images

If you want to get the most ROI out of your images, then make sure you follow the given tips below.

#Use high-quality images to represent your products

I tell you what usually happens nowadays- marketers use low-quality images to sell their products in the market. It is really a hackneyed way of targeting customers because low-quality images might appear in search results but they won’t look appealing and eye-catching. It will not let people click on them and make a purchase from your e-commerce store.

Therefore, always focus on using high-quality images that can best represent your products. Also, keep the target audience in mind because it will gonna make a positive impact on SEO and eventually fetch you more sales.

#Setting up the alt tag as a ranking factor

Images without description might not be as understanding as possible. Here setting an alt tag or alt attributes is used to describe the image, which according to Google is an important ranking factor. The alt tag basically represents information about a picture you display in the event. Furthermore, you can add character up to 125 for the alt tag. This is actually a description of your picture. Try to put extra effort here.

#Reduce the image of the size

Heavy loading images make your site load slow. Let me tell you that online users usually wait for 2-4 seconds for a site to load and leave if it takes more time. If your site takes more time in loading then people will leave it and you’ll not see any sales leads generation. Here are some ways to reduce the image size.

-Use and offer small size images

-Use WebP as it offer small size images.

-You can use compressive images to make product pictures load properly.

#Don’t forget to use decorative images

Product images are different from decorative images. Decorative images basically include borders, buttons and background of the site. The purpose of the decorative images is to enhance the user’s experience so that you get more click-through rates. Make the site look more eye-catching and interesting one with decorative images. However, you need to shrink the size of decorative images without compromising quality.

#Include image sitemap to your site

Adding an image sitemap to your website means you’re allowing Google to find your images in the search list. This will actually increase the presence of your images on Google search. Hence, more people will get to see your picture. And if you don’t list your picture, the search engines might not be able to crawl them. Furthermore, you also provide Google with more information.

To sum up

To double the sale of your business can be achieved if you optimize images of your site. Image optimization is very important for you if you want to get maximum profit and ROI in your business. Having images optimized properly means getting more conversion rates. This guide has highlighted some of the best tactics of image optimization, you can follow them to double the sales of your business.

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