7 Ways to Improve Customer Reviews for eCommerce site

Believe it or not, but reviews play a significant role in the marketing world. Every marketer, be it online or offline needs to get customer reviews to persuade other customers to buy their products. Isn’t the same strategy you follow? The fact is – almost 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. It means online reviews hugely impact the buying decisions of consumers.

Today’s scenario seems to be changing because customers don’t trust eCommerce sites anymore due to the unsatisfying experience they face. Customers don’t visit the site again where they once feel unsatisfied thereby leave bad reviews – this is a fact. If you’re into the digital marketing industry and running an eCommerce site, your responsibility is to provide 99.9% satisfying user experience so that you get positive reviews in return.

If you haven’t been getting positive customer reviews then you must need to improve them right away. But how? Through this article, here you will learn the top 7 ways to improve customer reviews by providing them better customer experience.

Let’s get started.

7 ways to improve your customer reviews for eCommerce site 

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With the following given tactics, you will be able to improve customer reviews for your eCommerce site.

1. Maintain a proper price consistency of the product

The very first way you need to follow here to improve customer review is to maintain the price consistency of your products. How do you do so? Suppose, you’re selling products on multiple platforms like eBay, Amazon, your eCommerce site, Walmart, etc. and if you’re selling the same product at a different price then you might lose customers. Therefore, try to maintain price consistency across all your sales channels. You never know when your customers will compare the price on other websites before purchasing a product from you.

2. Please your customers

Another way to improve customer reviews is to please or delight your customers. But how? What you can do to delight customers? Below given points are some customer delight ideas that you can follow for your eCommerce website-

  • Offer reward or loyalty points after your customer makes a purchase.
  • Start a referral program that will give benefit to both your existing customers as well as new shoppers.
  • Send free gifts like t-shirt, keychains, or mugs, along with the order.
  • You can also send a thank you email for shopping.

3. Make your site mobile friendly

Today, most of the search takes place on mobile rather than on desktop and laptop. In fact, Google also gives more preference to sites that are mobile-friendly. If your site loads within 2-3 seconds on mobile, your visitors and customers will have a better and satisfying experience, if not, they will immediately leave your site. Make sure to make your eCommerce site mobile-friendly so that customers can enjoy a better experience and thereby leave positive reviews on your site.

4. Try to engage with customers via social media

Social media plays an indispensable role in your eCommerce business. It is no more a communication platform rather has become a marketing tool for an online marketer. To improve customer reviews, you can engage with your customers on social media platforms and communicate with them to solve their queries and clear their doubts if they have any. This will help you create a strong rapport with you and your company. Moreover, customers will genuinely feel like a company is genuinely interested in them.

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5. Contact ones who left negative reviews

This is obvious- customers write both negative as well as positive customer reviews, right. But if you choose to ignore negative reviews, it will create a disaster for you. How? If other new shoppers get to see negative reviews published on your site, will they proceed to make a purchase? Of course no. What you need to do here is that talk to your customers who left negative feedback on your site and solve their queries. Once their queries are solved ask them to rewrite the review. This way you’ll be able to improve customer reviews.

6. Reward customers for posting a review

Who doesn’t like freebies or rewards? We all like, right. No doubt, this is one of the best ways to improve customer reviews on your site by rewarding customers with a reward. What could you offer as a reward? Well, you could pay every customer (once you write a review) a 10% off coupon. Don’t let your customers know that they will get any reward for writing a review, just let their eyes get bigger and mount say ‘wow’ to their experience. This way your customers will be happy a lot.

7. Ask consumers directly

The last way you can follow to improve customer reviews by asking them to write a review for the product they purchased from you. Moreover, this is the easiest way to get online reviews. But before asking them to write a review, just contact them and confirm whether they’re satisfied with their order or not. If they have no problem, you can ask them for a review.

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The bottom line

Customer reviews play an important role in your overall online marketing business without which you may not attract new shoppers to your eCommerce site. If you want customers to write positive reviews, you need to provide 5 start products accordingly. Above you have already read what ways you can follow to improve customer experience, just follow and implement them to enhance your customer experience.

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