Conversion copy tactics: every SEO writer must know

My today’s article is for every SEO writer who fails to generate conversion rate to their website. In this article, you’ll learn about conversion copy tactics to write down in your SEO content.

So, let’s get started below.

Writing has been a significant part of digital marketing world.

Obviously, it’s content only that drives traffic and engagement rate to website. Everything depends upon content when you’re to generate high conversion rate to your website. Here I would say that not just content rather SEO content is in demand these days. Every content writer must know that SEO is quite important for the overall success. To create SEO content, you must be aware of your audience, engage them with your content, and excites them to convert.

Without much ado, let’s talk about the tactics below.

Top conversion copy tactics every SEO writer must follow

To produce great content fetching you more and more conversion copy tactics, you must follow the given tactics below.

✎ Know your audience

To get more conversion rate to your website, you need to write engaging content. But to write engaging and SEO-friendly content, you have to know your audience. Just get to know your audience and what they want from you. Unless you know their demand, you won’t be able to produce as effective and engaging content as possible. To know about your audience, make use of social media platforms. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will give you better insight about your audience.

✎ Solve queries

I believe you’re able to identify your audience. In the next step you need to think of solving their queries whatever they have. Obviously, the purpose of audience visiting your website is to get their problem solved. If you’re selling any product or service, just clearly state what benefits your products can bring for them. Ensure that your product is quite beneficial for your audience.

✎ Write compelling intro

After heading and title of content, what attracts the most is introduction of content. You need to write a compelling and engaging introduction to your content. Introduction should be attractive, engaging, and well-crafted. In the single reading only, people should feel like reading the entire content.  Your content must grasp the attention of your audience. Here are some important tips you need to add into your content. Have a look at them below:

  • – Make sure to write one line to your opening sentence
  • – Tell your readers why they should read the entire content
  • – Always self-edit

Follow these tactics to make your content compelling and engaging till end.

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✎ Use second form ‘You’ in content

The purpose of your content should be clear enough by reading content only. When people read your content, they must feel sense of resonation with your content. For that purpose, your content must talks to your readers and for that you need to incorporate lots of “You” language in your content. Think of it in that way – why people will read your content if it’s solely written for SEO purpose?  

For example, in this post, I’ll talk about how to write good content to gain high SERPs. Don’t write this way.

Rather say, “How writing good content help YOU gain high SERPs.”

Basically, you have to replace ‘I’ with ‘You.’ It’s because readers don’t want to know what you’re going to do in this article.

✎ Become a good storyteller

People easily get bored of promotional content and content that has high sales pitches. Now people love to listen to good story that keeps them engaging. If you don’t know let me tell you that people love reading stories rather than reading boring content. Using story telling techniques keep your audience engage and draw them in to your brand. Moreover, using cliff-hangers to build interest in your audience is the nice strategy. Your story must meet your readers’ needs and increase conversions.

✎ Maintain positivity in your content

Another tactic to bring high conversion rate to your website is to maintain positivity throughout your content. When readers read your content, it should able to emotionally make readers connected with it. That means adding emotional element to your content should be worthwhile. And that can only happen when you maintain positivity throughout content. Feelings like joy, hope, and inspiration must be there in your content. And no doubt, these are also powerful tools to create a positive aura.  

✎ Add effective and compelling CTAs

One of the most significant parts of writing overall content is adding CTA. C’mon guys, you’re reading to write content that can fetch you more conversion rate to your website right. And CTA (Call-to-action) is the button that helps you achieve what you’re exactly looking for. You must know that CTA in any content can turn SEO content into money-maker machine. But your content has to be engaging and informative one.

The bottom line

Content and SEO co-exist in digital marketing industry. In fact, both of them are incomplete without each other. So, if you want to achieve something from your content, you need to produce SEO-friendly content that must be engaging, compelling, and attractive. In this article, you have learned what all sort of things you’re required to use while producing SEO-friendly content to get high conversion rate to your site.

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