A powerful strategy for YouTube advertising during COVID-19

YouTube advertising

Coronavirus or COVID-19 has shifted the entire marketing arena in the present era. The entire concept of marketing has changed. Businesses are not getting the results that they want from. Many marketers have seen a decline in conversions because lockdown is in force and people can’t go out and purchase a specific product or service. However, brands are still marketing but they’re not able to generate the desired results. Today, advertisement is the only medium that can maintain the relationship between brands and customers. To target the audience, marketers use social media platforms one such is YouTube.

In this article, I will list down the powerful strategies to advertise on YouTube during the COVID-19 pandemic. So are you all gear up to learn the tactics? If yes, let’s get started now.

Powerful strategies for YouTube advertisement during COVID-19 crisis

– Set up new custom intent audiences

YouTube is a great platform only if you utilize it fully. Today, people spend more time watching videos on YouTube because of lockdown. Therefore, it is a good opportunity for you to make your marketing more visible via YouTube. For YouTube ads, you can create audiences on the basis of search terms people have typed into Google. If any particular key matches your ads then you can show that ads on the YouTube videos. So if you type a particular keyword on the search query and if the query matches you then you can show the ads related to that particular query. This makes you get higher click rates on the ad.

– Provide the high quality video content to users

The fact is no one likes the poor, unauthentic, and irrelevant content on your site. Whether you are producing text content or video content, you always have to ensure the quality of the content. If you create any video and you feel something lacking in it then you can always use video editing tools to give the last impression. You can try the tool Camtasia, and create many videos. Moreover, you can also go for a new YouTube Video Builder beta. With this, advertisers will have more opportunities to create new video content to use for YouTube ads in a matter of minutes. Guys, if your budget is low then you can use the free tool like Video Builder to keep continue to reach your target audience in a cost-effective way.

– Try to place ads on long YouTube videos

YouTube is a social media platform, unlike Facebook or Instagram where people only watch short videos. There are many marketers who are wondering whether to place ads on long videos or short. Let me tell you that people visit YouTube only to watch longer videos rather than shorter ones. Many marketers actually don’t try YouTube ads because they think they don’t have a 30-second video. But they should understand that a 30-second video is not required to run a successful video ad campaign on YouTube. Therefore you can always use longer video content to run your ads in this pandemic.

– Lighten up your CTA extensions

CTA stands for call-to-action extensions. The CTA extensions are available for video ads running TrueView in-stream campaigns. Here every advertiser has the option to add a headline to their in-stream ad (about 15 characters long) as well as call to action button (about 10 characters long). In case the user decides to skip the video ads, the call-to-action extensions will be visible alongside the video ad. There are some calls to action buttons you can install in your video ads. These are: watch more, learn more, read more, free tips, we will help, visit the site, stay safe, see more, visit the site, etc.

The bottom line

The present situation is very difficult for every small and medium-sized business. It has become very difficult to target a specific audience because of the COVID-19 lockdown. But I hope this article gave you enough insight into how you can target audiences through YouTube ads. You can find your audience on social media platform but you need to change your strategy or the way you target them in this pandemic. Therefore, use the above tactics and yield the results you want to achieve.

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