5 common reasons why Video Marketing fails sometime?

Video Marketing fails sometime

Who doesn’t like watching videos? Almost everyone likes. Right?  People watch online videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, etc. what it shows? It shows that online videos are so popular and powerful that have the ability to increase the sales of any company in a short span of time. Nevertheless, if people love watching online videos then why is some marketing campaign failing? Have you ever invested in your video marketing campaign that failed? I am going to take you through the 5 most common reasons that lead any video marketing campaign fail.

So let’s have a look at them below!

5 top common reasons behind the failure of Video Marketing!

1. Making too long videos

Why businesses fail in making videos? Because they take too long videos to market their products. And research shows that 20% of people run away from the videos within the first 10 seconds if the video is not engaging enough. You should know that people usually don’t like watching a long video. So make sure you create your videos as per the time limit. For example: if you’re making a 2min video then there are chances it will less likely be seen by people. So keep it short, simple, sweet and to the point. About 60-90 second is the golden number.

2. Fail to incorporate SEO in your video

Video optimization is the most important part of video marketing. Just posting your videos on YouTube and any other social media site isn’t enough now. If you want to make your video marketing business successful then you must use SEO (search engine optimization) technique. SEO helps you in driving more web traffic to your site and videos, and rank your site number one in search results. There are some businesses who just ignore SEO tactics in their video marketing and that are why they fail to make their video marketing business successful. So if you want to get success in your video marketing then make sure you incorporate SEO techniques first.

3. Fail to address your target audience

Some businesses just make videos without knowing whether the content of the video is appealing or not. And there is no point in making such a video which is not addressing the audience. You need to understand if you’re creating a video then it should properly convey the message of your brand to the audience. I know everyone has different taste so as an audience. So you need to make your video worth appealing so that it can attract the eyes of the audience. You should always focus your message on a specific and well-defined target audience.

4. Making a video just for the sake of making it

With the growing competition among marketers, it has become difficult to stay in the market competition. And to stay back in the competition some marketers do unnecessary things such as making irrelevant videos for their products etc. and thereby they fail in their video marketing strategy. So if you’re thinking that by making trash videos you can win the race then you’re wrong. You need to add grace, color, information, and quality in your video then only you can think of winning this video marketing competition.

5. Selecting the wrong partner or producer

Sometimes businesses fail to produce quality videos for their brand. Why? Because they choose the wrong partner or producer for creating videos. Let me ask you a question, does your partner know about your company and its brand? You have to ask a lot of questions to get the answer you need. After that, you can decide whether your video partner can produce a quality video for your company or not. As your viewers and customers are very subjective make sure you check all the talent or firm before hiring an outside talent or a producer.


A successful video marketing strategy is what makes your brand presence popular in the market. Above 5 mistakes are the major hindrances in your video marketing business. You need to avoid these mistakes in order to create your videos with huge potential. You can follow the tips which I have mentioned while explaining the above mistakes in video marketing.

At last, you will see, your videos are speaking clearly to the audience and will go viral. So now it’s time to come up with unique and original ideas for your video marketing business. For more information kindly get in touch with us.