Why You Need to Track Google Algorithm Updates

Need to Track Google Algorithm Updates

Google algorithm update is a vast topic. We all know that Google makes thousands of update once in a year. The Google algorithms are Panda, Penguin, Florida, Rank Brain, and Hummingbird, all these make significant impact on your SEO and website ranking in real-time. Now, the updates can be both big as well as small. Big updates easily get noticed and small ones are hard to notice. And people whose career is dependent on Google such as Bloggers, Webmasters, SEOs, business owners, and digital marketers have to spy on Google and changes it makes.

If you have a question – why you should track Google Algorithm Updates then you are at the right place. This article is a brief guide for you to understand the importance of Google algorithm updates.

Let’s dive in and start with the basics.

What is Google Algorithm update?  

Google algorithm is a system or set or rules that allow Google to return search results relevant to the queries made by user. It is on one but Google algorithm that allows it to rank the website on SERPs on the basis of quality and relevancy.

Google algorithm update, on the other hand, is all about enhancing results for people search in Google box. Google updates algorithms to improve SEO performance and provide better experience to users. Let me tell you that Google algorithm updates are also known as core update. According to experts, “Core update can have a significant impact on the way people find you online.”

Now move on to the main gist of the article below.

Why you need to track Google Algorithm updates?

The dream of every webmaster is to rank their site on the top of the Google’s SERP, right. It is also because ranking well on Google is a crucial for any online business. And this is the reason that search engine giant makes almost daily, minor to major changes to prioritize different factors when determining what pages rank higher than others. This is the first reason why you should track Google algorithm updates – to find out when algorithm update happen, what changes it made, how well it ranked your site, and how it enabled prospects to discover your site.

Let me also tell you that algorithm changes are not always helpful or impacting site in positive way. Algorithm updates either help or hurt you. You have to be prepared for it.  

Are you convinced now why to track Google algorithm update? If still not, keep reading below. Have a look at the list of elements that Google algorithm update might affect:

  • Brand awareness
  • Conversion
  • ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Organic traffic
  • Audience retention
  • Search ranking
  • Revenue
  • Search visibility
  • Organic search traffic

If you still think that you should not track Google algorithm update then soon you will see major fall and decrease in the above-mentioned factors.

How do you track Google Algorithm updates?

Now this is the important question that you are all curious to know when Google released its algorithm updates. So below I enlist couples of tactics you can use to track algorithm updates:

1. Visit Official Site of Google Webmaster Control Blog

The first tactic you can use to track Google algorithm update is to visit the official site of Google Webmaster Control Blog. Google runs official blog site where it publishes algorithm updates that might affect your site. Now the question is how do you track their post and announcements? Just follow the points given below:

  • Bookmark the blog
  • Visit timely
  • Subscribe the site via mail
  • Just search for algorithm updates in the search box

When you make this your regular habit, you will be able to see the recent announcement of Google algorithm updates on their blog. Sometimes you also get to see the updates news a month before so that you can make the relevant changes and adjustment to your site.

2. Additional SEO Blogs

Another tactic you can follow to read the updates of Google algorithm is to visit some additional SEO blogs other than Google official blog. Sometimes, you don’t get the deep information about the updates which you can get on SEO blogs. So make sure to find SEO blogs that are:

  • Professional
  • Trustworthy
  • Valuable
  • Informative
  • Relevant
  • Credible and reliable
  • You can also look for useful advice and detailed explanations
  • Ensure the blogs you look for algorithm updates are based on credible sources

All you need to do is keep reading and finding until and unless you find any credible, authentic, and relevant SEO blogs in the industry.

3. Twitter is a reliable source of information

Twitter is a famous social media platform for industry leaders, politicians, marketers, cricketers, and SEOs. Without any doubt, Twitter is a very powerful source of information only if you know where to look for the information. In case, you don’t know – Google has an official Twitter account known as Google SearchLiaison. Here, Google shares all the major updates that are significant to know for any webmaster or marketer. Google tweets about how actually it’s Google search engine works.

Danny Sullivan is the Google’s Public Search Liaison; you can follow him on Twitter.

4. Other important tools

For checking Google algorithm updates, there are many tools available in the market which you can use. Not only tools help you keep updated with algorithm updates, but also allow you to manage your website and online presence in the digital industry. Here is the list of few important tools:

  • Algoroo
  • Mozcast
  • SEMRush Sensor
  • SERPMetrics
  • Advanced Web Ranking
  • Penguin
  • Accuranker
  • CognitiveSEO Signals

The bottom line

Finally, we have come to the end of this article; I hope you all have understood the importance of Google algorithm updates and why you should track it. Google algorithm updates are very important to manage the overall presence of the site in digital marketing sector. I have mentioned everything through which you can track the algorithm updates. Now go ahead and track!

For more updates and another informative articles subscribe our website, till then keep reading and keep sharing.