What you need to know about the upcoming Google Algorithm Update?

Upcoming Google Algorithm Update

Google Algorithm Update – this is the most trending buzzword which is dominating the digital marketing world. Every day Google receives over 5 billion searches and this is the reason Google constantly tries to maintain and increase the quality of their search index. In order to obtain this goal, Google launches thousands of algorithm update. As per the study, Google is reported to change its search algorithm around 500 to 600 times each year. Some of these updates are small which usually don’t get the attention of SEOs and marketers. Since February, 2020 Google updated 3-4 algorithm updates.

Do you know a new algorithm update will come soon? Yes guys, it is true because a lot of chit chatter is taking place in SEO world.

Wanna know what new Google Algorithm update will be all about? Just read the article till the end to know everything about the upcoming Google Algorithm Update.

Chit-chatting about the new Google Algorithm Update on 15 September

Yes, on September 15, webmasters and SEOs got to see some fluctuations and changes in their site ranking and traffic. Whenever this kind of situation happens, every webmaster thinks that Google has updated its algorithm. And this leads to open communication in the world of SEO.

This time also a lot of chit chatting started taking place about search ranking volatility update. Recently, Google rank checking tools were showing some spikes in fluctuations in Google search rankings. But the weird thing is that the chatter in the SEO community and people complaining about ranking changes has really not spiked with the tools.

Big changes webmasters found in the Google Search Ranking

Let me tell you what webmasters or SEOs do when they encounter any change in the search ranking – they usually come to forum and complain about ranking changes in Google Search. And when they see their analytics or rank checking tools showing a drop or any change in traffic, they start finding out why which is genuine. However, this time people are seeing changes on a massive scale.

Moreover, the tools are showing the big changes in Google Search Rankings. Let me tell you that it is not just a single tool rather all of them are showing some kind of changes. Now the speculation is like Google made some underline code change that impacted all the tools, however it is not yet confirmed.

Upcoming update on Google Search Ranking Volatility

In the above section, you just read how webmasters are seeing the changes in their ranking. Let me tell you that this is all happing because of Google Search Ranking Volatility which is still continue. Now this will be upcoming update of Google algorithm that you need to know in this article. Below given are some points that will help you know about the upcoming algorithm update:

  • Webmasters may get to see the fluctuation in tracking tools.
  • The on-going chatter is about the tools lightening up and not client ranking changes.
  • You may also get to see some weirdness with site links in Google Search Results snippets.
  • SEOs and Webmasters may get to see some ranking changes of their site on Google.

Let’s have a look at the lists of tools that showed changes in ranking.

  • SERPMetrics
  • Accuranker
  • Mozcast
  • Cognitive SEO
  • RankRanger
  • Advanced Web Ranking
  • Algoroo
  • SEMRush
  • On the local side, BrightLocal tool is showing some changes.

However, RankRanger and Mozcast are shwoing a dip in reviews as well, but SEMRush is not.

Now let’s move on and see some famous SEOs or webmasters talking about site links impacted after the update.

Webmasters talking about the impact they have witnessed on their sites

Glenn Gabe on Twitter said, “So, the tracking tools spiked today & I’m seeing sitelinks heavily impacted for several sites. Seems like Google pushed something that impacted sitelinks for a number of queries for those sites. Just a heads up if you had a lot of rankings yielding sitelinks…”

Replying to his statement, Roxana Stingu said, “Based on SemRush’s Sensor, it looks like sitelinks might have been greatly reduced for a couple of days and then reinstated. I’m seeing this on Desktop only but in a lot of markets. US is the only big market that hasn’t recovered yet.”

Google Search Ranking Algorithm Volatility March 2020 highlights

Right now, whatever changes webmasters and SEOs are seeing in Google Search Ranking Algorithm Volatility occurred in March as well. A lot of chit chatting also started about the changes that Search Engine Optimization world was seeing. Here are some of the talks of the webmasters given below:

  • Seeing massive hike in bounce rate… I mean huge! Anyone else seeing that? Covid-19?
  • There is definitely an update going on! I am bouncing all over the place at the moment and usually manage to avoid the ‘Google shuffle’ during an update
  • My total traffic is about 30% less than I would expect today. However, more states are under mandatory stay at home orders. For me, that’s less workers browsing my site from or for work. This makes it hard to determine if my 30% drop is algo or virus related. Probably a combination of the two.

Final Track

Guys, I just want to tell you that the upcoming Google Algorithm Search Ranking Update is not yet confirmed. A lot of webmasters and SEOs are witnessing the changes which seem as if Google updated its search algorithm. However, it may happen in future, as you never know when Google will update its algorithm. Therefore, in this article, I gave you synopsis of the upcoming update on Google Algorithm. I hope the article was informative for you.

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