What SEO strategies you need to apply to improve UX?

SEO strategies

While building up a new website, every webmaster wants that his website should provide the best UX or User Experience, right! Why webmasters focus on providing the best users experience? It is because if a site provides the best UX, then Google will rank that website on the very first page of the search engine results page (SERPs). Here it simply shows that UX or User Experience plays a significant role in your ranking status. In fact, SEO and UX have been a great partner that is working together to help you when it comes to search engine results.

Guys, if you see your site is not providing a good user experience then it’s high time that you put some SEO strategies to improve your UX. Because improving UX simply means an increase in search engine rankings, getting huge traffic, boost conversion and sales.

Let’s get started now.

What exactly you understand by UX?

To simply put, UX or User Experience means how a person experiences your site while visiting or navigating your webpages. A person has a good experience when your website is understandable, easy to navigate, and gives them a reason to engage with your content. Contents on your site should not be frustrating or confusing because these things make a bad User Experience.

In addition, User Experience also depends upon the person’s subjective feelings when visiting your site. It also targets your site visitors once they land on your website and start interacting with your pages.

Are you ready to improve the UX? Read below and learn the strategies.

Some important SEO strategies to improve your UX

– Improve website speed

Will you visit a site that takes a lot of loading time? No one will because rather than wasting time in loading many will choose to visit the alternate site. According to the study, if the speed of the site is fast loading then many users will visit the site again. And this has been a ranking factor for Google since 2010. If you see page loading time is a problem then start optimizing your site by reducing size images, irrelevant redirects, etc.

– Unique page titles

Your site content titles must be written in a way that it can attract the user’s eye in one read. It is because title tags help searchers determine if a page is right or relevant for their needs or not. According to SEOs, title tags are an important ranking factor. To make your title bolder and strong you can include relevant keywords highlighting your site’s page contents. Make sure not to overstuff your title with keywords otherwise, it will be penalized by Google.

– Improve your site navigation

Site navigation means making your site simple and easy-to-understand. To improve your site’s navigation follow these tips: avoid complex, multi-level, or confusing menu items, your mobile navigation site must be easy-to-use, try to include a navigation menu on all webpages, be descriptive & clear about your every item, and add search bar so that people can search exactly what they’re looking for. Doing this will help boost link authority to the rest of your website.

– Check the bounce rate

There are many reasons which make people abandon your site such as slow loading of the site, users experiencing an error while landing on your site, etc. so having the lowest bounce rate is better for your site. As per the RocketFuel Study, a bounce rate between 26%-40% is perfect. To reduce the bounce rate, you can create multiple landing pages, write high-quality content, create a relevant Meta description, focus on content organization, and use the responsive theme on site.

– Produce authentic and unique content

Google wants every site to use high-quality, authentic, and relevant content on the site. Some webmasters make mistakes and upload plagiarized content on the site. Let me tell you if you do so, you will not get a good ranking of your site and your site might be penalized by Google. It is always recommended to produce high-quality contents which are relevant for both Google as well as site visitors.

The bottom line!

In today’s digitized world, every person wants to get good User Experience and so does the search engine. And there’s also no denying that User Experience is going to play a great role in determining the overall ranking of your website. As you know that UX and SEO both work together and if you implement the above-mentioned SEO strategy to improve your UX then you will benefit a lot in the future.

So don’t wait just start implementing the strategies and enhance your User Experience. Get in touch with us for more interesting articles.