What is 360 degree digital marketing?

Digital Marketing

360 degree marketing campaigns refers to the branding of any product on tv, radio, newspaper and all possible platforms with same manner. It hits the target audience directly. It is the way to find new potential customers anyhow, no matter where they are. This marketing strategy comprises 8 essential aspects of digital marketing to form the most effective market strategy.

Today we are going to discuss How you can implement 360 degree digital marketing for your business let’s get jump into this:

360 degree includes all form of digital marketing.

1. SEO

Search engine optimization this practice is done solely for increasing the visibility of your site or webpage. The primary objective of SEO is to make your site or webpage as visible as possible via search engine.

SEO is great practice for increasing the percentage of organic web traffic and helps you to reach your potential consumers who are looking for your products and services.

In order to do better SEO of your site you need to follow these tips:

  • Always optimize your title, description and URL for all pages.
  • Always remember no matter how effective Search Engine Optimization technique you apply whether it is keyword, Backlinks etc. Content is the king if you produce low-quality content then your all SEO efforts go in vain. Always produce high quality content.
  • Make a habit of write blogs it is essential for better application of SEO process. Every blog post is an additional page that can be indexed by Search engines.
2. PPC

The PPC stands for (pay per click) is a type of ad-format in which advertiser makes the payment to publisher after the ad is being clicked. These types of advertisements appear on Google search pages either at the top, bottom or right side. 

This method is good for attracting lot of web traffic towards your webpage. Its biggest advantage is that you can see the results right away. But it is also has major weakness and that is as compared to other SEO techniques this one doesn’t have longer life. It means the moment you stop your budget the traffic will stop.

In order to make Your PPC strategy successful follows these tips:

  • Always try to choose or target right keywords for identifying right keywords you can take the help of various keywords tools available online such as Google ad words keyword planner, SEMrush etc.
  • Always keep an eye on advertising campaign and see which keyword performs better and which one is not.
3. Customer communications

Well I don’t need to explain you how much the customer relationship is important for the success or growth of any business or brand. Don’t think that customer relationship or interaction end after making purchase if it is then your brand at serious loss.

The Successful brands formulate effective customer communication policy to build and establish long lasting relationship with their clients. Its main motive is pushing up customer for lifetime value and developing a powerful sense of brand advocacy.

     In order to make your customer communication more interactive and           successful follows these tips:

  • Always try to remain keep in touch with your customers via Your CRM (customer resource management). Ask the feedback from your customers how they are finding your product? Ask about suggestion regarding any improvement. If their feedback is worthy then implement them as soon as possible.
  • Never ignore your customer or their feedback. Treat your customer very well and give the feeling that they are important for the brand.
  • Always respond to your customer’s complaint timely. If you are too much late then customer will detach from your brand. If you solve their complaint or respond fast, then you can retain them.
4. Outbound E-mail campaigns

G-mail sponsored advertisements come under this category whenever you advertise your products via E-mail services is known as E-mail marketing. It is best method to promote your business or increase your brand awareness among your loyal customers. 

If you want to get effective result from this strategy then follow these tips:

•  Whenever you target your potential customers via E-mail marketing always adopt personal approach give your message a personal, emotional touch instead of professional or marketing touch.

•  Do not just use E-mail marketing as a scattered gun firing E-mails everywhere. Instead send the message to only those prospects which can become your loyal customers.

5. Inbound lead nurturing

It is a process where your site/webpage visitors becomes your leads. It means they become your loyal customers. But in order to generate best possible results from every lead you need to nurture them.

Tips for nurturing Your Inbound leads:

  • Adopt the marketing automation that makes it easy for you to nurture campaigns.
  • You should have understanding about your loyal customers. This is essential to convey your communication to the right recipient at right time.
  • Always remembers while communicating with your loyal customers doesn’t become a sales man. Which means that before pitching your sales, tell them about your product. Don’t sell it directly.
6.  Social

It is most influencing strategy in marketing sector. Various social media platforms provides an opportunity to get engage with existing and potential customers strengthen relationship and raising brand awareness.

Tips for effective social media marketing:

  • Always create posting schedule for the posting of your online content. This will relived you from the headache of daily searching content for post.
  • Don’t think that you need to create fresh content every day you can also curate the content from other websites. Learn the art of curating high quality content.
  • Always give feedback to customer’s queries. It is the important feature of social media provided to you facility of instant feedback. Always give reply to customer queries and primarily the negative ones. It will helps in publicity and spread the message that you are serious about resolving customer’s grievances.
7. Content

It is become a great tool of marketing which involves creation, publishing and distributing content for targeted audience online. Content marketing is best way of increasing brand awareness, drive organic traffic and acquiring new customers.

Tips for doing effective content marketing:

  • Create your content in your own preferred form. Make it more visible either by info graphic, video, E-book or social media. Create your content in a style that suits your business.
  • Don’t wait for others to stumble upon your content. Once you created the content do whatever you can to make it more effective and more reliable.
8. Website

Always create easy to navigate website or webpage for your business. If you add too much features or designs, its performance will be affected negatively .

Tips for useful website:

  • Invest in user interface more so that visitors find your site easy to operate or navigate.
  • Always try to add video for advertising your product on your site. It is not necessary that you always write text. You can use video format also.

On a concluding note we can say that 360 degree marketing is the best marketing strategy for small scale business owners and entrepreneurs. It covers maximum numbers of target audience and also very effective to retain the customers. If you are looking for digital marketing services to boost your business, kindly get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you.