What are the latest Google Algorithm updates for 2019?

Google  Algorithm Update

Know How Google algorithm will affect your site and page ranking in this year?

Google always tries to keep the trust of hardworking and honest content producers intact. For this Google make changes in its algorithm on periodical basis. In this age of plagiarism the effort of original content producers has been wasted.

Google rewards their effort by making their site rank higher in its search pages. That’s why in order to avoid the ill practices of plagiarism Google update its algorithm whenever it needed.

The most important thing to remember is that Google never name or give title to its update. This time Google has break this rule and given a 2019 algorithm update a title “March 2019 core update

Within the few months of the launch ranking of many websites has gone lower, Majority of them are those sites which are not producing original content but ranked higher due to effective SEO strategy what they applied.

By the implementation of this update only those websites or pages will be ranked higher which are following Google E A T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and trustworthiness) standards.

Therefore today we are enlisting some ways as per norm of 2019 algorithm update which will improve your Website or page quality based on Google E A T standards.

Let’s jump into this:

Write Author line for all your posts

The first step you need to implement on your site is adding the author line for all your posts. By doing this Google wants to evaluate the author credibility and identity that are providing the information to the users.

In case if you are producing content on the sectors that fall under YMYL category than the person who are producing content should be professional working in that field. In this case author must be someone that is expert or professional in its respective field. I know you are thinking what is YMYL? So let’s introduce you, YMYL are those pages who shows content that can affect someone’s life in sense of happiness, health, safety, financially etc. The Motive of those pages are not to earn only money.

The sectors which fall under YMYL category were as follows:

  • Health and wellness sector
  • Finance sector

Destroying duplicate/copied content

According to Latest update Google measures the E A T score of particular website or webpage. By this Google analyze the copied or duplicate content so if you are involved in copying or duplication process then latest Google update will turn down your site. Therefore, it would be good if you remove that type of content.

Engage in branding

In order to make your webpage/site ranked higher make sure that you include “About us” in page indicating essential inputs to Google. You can do this by adding Schema markup on your site/web page.

  • You can also link positive reviews and testimonial both in and outside of your site for increasing the credibility and trustworthiness of your site/webpage.

Adding high quality backlinks

E A T score of those sites is higher who has great percentage of high quality backlinks. So try to put effort and time building high quality backlinks instead of low-quality backlinks which will only devalue your site or webpage.

For building high Quality backlinks you can deploy Google preferred techniques like Blogger outreach as a part of your SEO strategy.

Protect your site with HTTPs

With the launch of this update Google chrome will indicate all those sites and webpages as insecure which are not HTTPS (Hypertext transfer protocol secure) compatible or SSL (secure sockets layers) certified. 

With this update HTTPS is now become one of the ranking factor which will impact your webpage/site.


By analyzing all above mentioned points we can conclude that 2019 algorithm update made Google E A T as a measuring standard for valuing and devaluing sites and webpages. Those who are not fit for Google E A T will be ranked lower immediately. In this category especially the site/webpages are include which is related to YMYL category.