What are the factors to boost EAT ranking in 2020?

factors to boost  EAT ranking

As a blogger, what kind of content do you produce? Google-oriented or User- oriented. I tell you what; digital marketers always try to rank their page on the very first page of the Google, by doing this, do they really get the first rank on SERPs? No, guys, Google also likes the contents which are user-oriented and produced with guidelines. But who cares and who follows the guidelines? This is what we all do and end up producing the contents which are invaluable to Google. Let me tell you that producing highly unauthentic and irrelevant contents for the sake of fetching good ranking on search engine might penalize you.

Read on to know what solution to it. Well, every website owner or SEO need to keep themselves updated with the search engine quality ranking guidelines. Many digital marketers follow EAT ranking guidelines but they don’t get fruitful results it is simply because they don’t know how to boost their EAT ranking. So below I’m going to share with you what are the factors to boost your EAT ranking.

Let get started now.

What does EAT exactly stand for?

For those who don’t know, EAT is an acronym for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. It is a popular SEO ranking factor introduced in 2014 by Google. EAT is basically a set of guidelines which means producing a fully detailed, relevant, trustworthy, authentic and professional content for the search engine users.

Now let’s examine the each term of EAT one-by-one.

E – Expertise

In SEO world, Expertise simply means a person who is creating content should have good knowledge in the subject. However, content creator must have a degree of expertise, no not at all. It simply means he/she should understand the topic before producing a one.

A – Authoritativeness

Authority here simply means having an online reputation or website has the authority to deliver the content. It’s all about credential and reputation, you can also add your bio to your blog, backlinks and some trusted sources can help you showcase your authority.

T – Trustworthiness

The word trust conveys that your site provides the content which users are looking for. Your content needs to be consistent, factual, and detailed enough to point so that readers can benefit from it.

Factors to boost your website EAT ranking for 2020

1. Add author names & biographies in all editorial contents

Google says that it’s important to examine the content creator whether he is an expert or not. That’s why adding the name of content creator or biography is quite essential for the Quality Raters for the EAT score. When doing so, it easily helps you boost your EAT score.

2. Each page must be having a purpose

Having a purpose on the page simply means that users must get benefit from it. Content on the page should be filled with the intended purpose that must be user-centred which includes reader laughs, sell them something, inform them and teach them.

3. Contents must be written with expertise

Experts know how to create content which can deliver the purpose to users. When experts write contents, their content communicate and visible through bio/credentials i.e. authentic certifications, references, and professional experience.

4. Eliminate or edit low EAT content

Let me tell you that low EAT contents on site negatively impact the holistic reputation. That’s why it’s good to remove the contents having low EAT rating and less traffic on site. Consider to keep only those contents which have high EAT ranking and good amount of traffic. You can also edit the content if you think editing can be worth.

Final words!

Guys, I conclude this blog with some factors to boost your EAT ranking. I hope the article was well-informative for you to grasp the meaning of EAT and how you can boost your EAT ranking on SERPs. One thing you need to keep in mind that if you have high level of EAT framework, your page will likely to appear in SERPs and this is only possible if you follow the factors which I have mentioned above. The more guidelines you follow, the more your site will appear in SERPs.

To implement all these factors in your SEO strategy you can also hire an SEO experts. To do so kindly get in touch with us, till then keep reading.