What are the factors of success for any new search engine?

If you’re a business owner having a website, chances are that you have heard about search engine optimization or SEO, right. Ask any professional webmaster about SEO, he will tell you how crucial strategy it is if you implement correctly. With proper SEO strategy, you can see your website on number one rank of search engine results page (SERPs). Do you think it is that simple? Just applying SEO strategies will fetch your site a high rank, of course no. Here you need to consider something else for the success of new search engine. Let me tell you that success of any search engine depends upon its factors. Whatever search engine your site is on, if you want it to be on the top of the SERPs, then you must follow the factors.

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Don’t worry you no need to go anywhere else leaving this article because this article will provide you a complete list of factors required for getting success in any new search engine.

So let’s now have a look at the given list below.

A list of factors of success for any new search engine

Before I talk about factors, let me tell you that you need to work with all the factors then only your efforts will start showing results. Now have a look below.

Content is King

Yes, you read it right. Content is still king in digital marketing and it is the primary factor when it comes to rank your site on top of the SERPs. What generally happens is that webmasters produce less quality and irrelevant content which degrade their site performance in search engine and resultant in penalization of their site. You avoid making such mistakes. What else you need to is – [produce high quality content, your content must be engaging, freshness in your content must reflect, add relevant keywords, avoid keyword stuffing.] These are some points that you should always keep in your mind.

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Power of social media

Without any doubt, social media is the most important tool and factor for 21st century marketers. It is no more a social media site but has become a crucial marketing platform. Social media plays a great role when it comes to getting success on search engine. What you need to do here is make account on every social media site, build networks, share your products on them, and add call to action button so that your customers can easily contact you. Just keep your audience updated with the latest marketing trends, technologies, news about your upcoming products.

Build trust

Another important SEO factor is trust. How do you actually build trust to your site? Any guesses? If you are thinking about quality content, data protection, privacy, security, identity, etc. then you’re right. When visitors visit your site, make sure they feel they are on the right website, for that, you have to upload relevant, quality, and informative content to your site. Also avoid adding spammy links to your site as it will redirect your visitors to the site where their data gets leaked or misused.


Next factor comes in the list is link which is a URL placed on other websites. In the above point, I already told you that any third party link redirect users to another website, right. Therefore, you have to opt for quality links. For instance, a link on an authentic site has higher quality than one you find in a blog comment. Organically, the more links your site has, the high rank you will get, but remember, do not compromise with the quality otherwise it will negatively impact your site.


Every webmaster use HTML for creating web pages, right. HTML contains a number of elements of which title tag is worth mentioning. Here you have to use keywords within the title and opt for something that sounds amazing and will easily grab the attention of site visitors. Don’t forget to use keywords in title, and Meta description. This will help you boost your SEO. You need to craft it well so that you can direct more traffic to your website.

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If after reading this article, you have gained better understanding of search engine factors then you are golden. Unless and until your site gets a good ranking on search engine results page, you will not be able to get good traffic on your site. Make sure you implement each and every factor mentioned above in your marketing strategy. For any other query, just reach out to us, we will help you in bettering your digital marketing business.

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