What are some famous content marketing statistics?

Content writing has become the bread & butter of digital marketing since it introduced back in the 2000s. In the starting days, blogging used as a mere platform for people to write content on whatever topics interest them the most. Gradually, content writing converted into content marketing. And today, content marketing is an established platform for organizations to promote their products and services to a large number of audiences. Now marketers see content marketing a vital channel for their strategy however they’re also skeptical about it whether it will work for them or not.

Sometimes the proof is required to know if the strategy will work or not. So we’re here to help you know some of the best and famous content marketing statistics. Once you understand the data, it will surely help you benefit in your business.

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Have a look at the famous content marketing statistics.

In order to be successful at content marketing, you need to understand the content marketing statistics to shape your marketing.

– B2B marketers content strategy statistics

B2B marketers always try to follow a strategy that can bring them the right and fruitful results. 69% of B2B marketers have a documented content strategy. And this strategy has seen an increase from 37% in 2018 to 39% in 2019. The interesting fact about documented content strategy is that it can link to success. And if you also want to see growth in your marketing then you must follow the approach of documented content strategy.

– 84% of B2B marketers said to outsource content creation

At present, content consumes a lot of time in outsourcing content creation. Now the outsourcing has become a trend irrespective of the company’s size, the budget for content marketing, and the overall success of a company. Moreover, in B2B organizations, 84% of marketers outsource their content creation activities. It shows that now marketers are able to create content-in house. So companies can produce content related to the latest news.

– 67% of marketers find SEO is most effective marketing strategy

One of the most effective methods of content marketing is SEO. Without the incorporation of SEO, content marketing is incomplete. As per stats, 67% of marketers say that SEO is the most effective tactic and will continue to flourish in the future as well. However, with the changes in Google’s search organic algorithm like BERT, to have success in SEO has become difficult.

– 41% of bloggers say video brings better results

People often don’t like text content that’s why now content marketers include videos to fetch more traffic to their site. 26% of bloggers add videos but 41% of bloggers report strong results from videos. Furthermore, now people like content that is easy to consume, that is why video marketing is growing at such a fast rate. Here you get the gist that you must include video in your content to get better results in the future.

– Content marketing statistic on ROI

Return on Investment (ROI) is the most desired thing which every marketer wants to get more and more. 72% of marketers have said that content marketing has increased the number of leads which ultimately increases the ROI. As per Twitter’s stats, 66% of people have found a new business on Twitter and 94% plan to make a purchase from a business they follow. Thereby, it is confirmed that content marketing surely brings a good result.

– Content marketing statistics on visuals: images

Can you read a book having no picture in it? You might read but you may find it boring. And same applies to content marketing also when you include images to your content; your content looks more interesting and engaging. It is also because content with images gets more views and clicks. Thereby it makes a great way to reach a wider audience. Images also help you spread your message to your audience and increases shares.

Final words

You can see that content marketing is an effective way of getting high click rates, and traffic to the site. Furthermore, you can build your brand awareness, nurture relationships, and establish trust with your visitors as well as customers. In this article, I have discussed the best-proven statistics of content marketing. And I highly recommend you to follow the right approach to make your content marketing a successful one. You have already seen the stats of it now it’s your time to do something worthwhile and effective. 

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