Usability principles that make your visitors stick and boost your SEO

Boost your SEO with Usability Principles

Let me come straight to the point – if your website doesn’t encourage visitors or isn’t user-friendly, it will never succeed. Websites that are not user-friendly not only lose your customers but also damage your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you don’t know then user experience is the most important part of SEO because Google and other search engines want to serve up content that meets the user’s needs. Good usability is simple for visitors to do what they want to do such as finding and purchase a product.

According to the study, 88% of online users are unlikely to return to a website after a bad experience. Unhappy site visitors just navigate back to a search engine and find another site to meet their demands.

However, most website owners don’t realize that their site isn’t user-friendly. I know intentionally nobody will make things difficult for their customers. That’s why this guide will help you understand some usability principles for developing your digital marketing strategy.

Some usability principles to make visitors stick to your website

– Attainable and Accessible

The main aspect of the usability of a website is accessibility, availability, and attainability. People trying to access your website and if it doesn’t work then your website is of no use it’s worthless. Not only users will become frustrated but chances are you’ll also lose new customers. So try to make your site mobile-friendly too as most of the people access to sites through their mobile phones.

– Learnability

Another important aspect of usability is learnability. Your goal must be to design intuitive interfaces that don’t require instructions. Make those intuitive designs that people already know, or create something new that is easy to learn. For instance, you can offer additional information, or instructions the first time they use your site or product and service. You must keep it simple and visible to your potential users.

– Credibility

Trust is an important factor in any business. Building trust among your visitors and customers is very significant. Even if people find the content they are looking for and if they don’t trust you, it makes your site and its content worthless. It’s important to make people believe in you that you’re a real company with real people. So make sure you’re honest and precise about your content. Avoid mistakes such as incorrect grammar or spelling mistakes.

– Clarity should be there

Confusing content distracts or puzzles your visitors and customers. In this case, they either need time to examine what they came for or they might forget their initial goal all together. These are the chances that they leave your site dissatisfied and with no intention of coming back. Keep in mind that visitors come to your site with certain goals so it’s your duty to fulfill these goals as soon as possible.

– Make your site mobile-friendly

Making your site mobile-friendly fetches you more visitors and convert them into your potential customers. Many users land on websites that haven’t been optimized for mobile users. You must know that 52% of global internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Let me tell you guys mobile users are doing more than just browsing from their devices which means they also make purchases as well.

Closing thoughts!

In this closing note, I just want to tell you guys that attaining good usability is not a cut of tea. It requires a great amount of research and an interactive approach to consistent testing and refining. The good usability of the website depends on whether your website is available, credible, accessible, learnable and relevant to people who are using it.

You must use this guide as a reference to implement these components on your website. Once you apply this guide to your website, you’ll be benefited from many happy customers and site visitors who will definitely make a visit in the future.

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