Top Assumptions of creating VIRAL content

How to write content that goes viral?

How to make content goes viral in online world?


How to make people engage with content?

These are some perturbing questions keep on trotting in the mind of people. As we’re in digital world, we know the power of content and aware of the famous adage which is “content is king.” In fact, Google the search engine giant also prioritizes content and rank website based on that. If you’re into digital marketing world and wants to rank your website on Google’s top page then it’s quite important to create viral content. So, how to create viral content? What are the tips for that? This article will confabulate with assumptions of creating viral content.

Let’s get a crack-in and talk about it below.

Top assumptions will help you create viral content

Let’s us talk about top assumptions that will help you create powerful and viral content for your website.

1. Clear problem of people

The aim of creating content shouldn’t be only to provide information to audience but also to solve the problem they have pertaining to your product or service. How do you solve their problem? What you need to do? What you need to do is just put yourself in the audience’s shoes and see what problem they’re trying to solve. Don’t give monotonous answer like everyone. Be UNIQUE and SMART while giving answers to people.

Remember: you have to be a problem solver through your content.

2. Embed visual

Your content is incomplete without adding visuals inside. Forget not, visuals have power to grab the attention of people. No matter how lousy your content is, if you have image or video inside content, it will go viral per se. There is no doubt that visuals have power to attract thousands of people and have their attention in the cup. So, if you want to make your content read by millions of people around the globe, integrate visuals in it.

Visuals are invincible in text oriented world.

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3. Interactive content engage audience

Another top assumption of making content go viral is writing interactive content that keep your audience engaged with it. If you keep on writing content that doesn’t sound engaging and has no intension of interacting people with it, producing such content are not worthy at all. That’s why keep your content interactive throughout it so that people don’t get wearied while reading your content.

Here I would say engaging content has the power to engage your audience in a great way.

4. Research well, write well

Research is the most significant part of writing any content. Knowingly or unknowingly, you can’t neglect this part. Obviously without proper researching, what will you write and how you will write. Just think about it. You have an access to Google. You only need to type “keyword related to content” on which you will write. Unless you research anything on Google or any search engine you use, how can you write well, informative, and engaging content for your audience.

5. Know your potential audience

Who is your potential audience? Who reads your content? Do you know about them? In order to engage with your audience, you must know your audience well. You must know what makes your audience stick to your content till the end. To recognize your audience in the market, use social media platforms to get insights of your potential audience. People love engaging content, if you want to get larger people gets connected with your content, make sure to write little bit humorous content, including entertaining quiz, and there are many other options available you could think of.

6. Promote your content

Where? You would surely be asking this question right. If I’m talking about promoting content then where to post? Needless to say, social media is one of the platforms that help you promote content worldwide. Moreover, you have YouTube, print ads and much more to make your content go viral. However, last two options are part of traditional marketing, which may not produce you expected results.

Also, forget not to make use of influencer marketing. It is the most prevalent method to get millions of audience in a jiffy. If you’re a small business, go with micro influencers otherwise working with famous influencers having millions of followers is like icing on the cake.

7. Write catchy headline

Title and headline play a great role in making your content go viral and getting thousands of click on that particular content. For example, you visited this article and reading because of the title of this article. Isn’t it? That’s what you must do with your content also. Creating catchy and attractive headline or title of content is what fetch you abundance of readers out in the market. So, make sure to follow this point and never forget this part.

Final overview

So, finally you made it to the end of this article right. In this article, you have learned what all sort of tips you need to follow to make your content go viral in the digital world. If you want to get 100% results from your content, just keep the above mentioned tips in mind and integrate them in your content strategy. I hope you found this article engaging, helpful, and informative.

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