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The most frequently asked questions we come across are ‘how to get my site on first page of Google’ or ‘how can I rank my website on Google.’ Now ranking is crucial to your site. Why? Because without having a good rank of your site on Google, you won’t be able to fetch people and generate quality leads. That’s why it is vital to have a look on the ranking part of the site too. Now the question is ‘how to get high rank of site on Google?’ If you’re thinking only Search Engine Optimization plays an ultimate role to fetch high rank of site on Google, then you’re at wrong rather there are various effective factors that play a significant role equally. What are these factors? The list of factors includes:
➠ Enhance the performance of On-Site SEO
One of the fastest ways to rank site on Google is optimizing the HTML part of you site or optimizing the site page. What you need to do here is ensure that your keywords appear starting of the title tag. You must know that Google pays more attention to terms that show up early in your title tag. Furthermore, make sure your content is if more than 1800 words. The longer your content, the higher ranking you get.
➠ Build quality backlink to your site
Writing content won’t work for you unless your site content gets more visibility from various platforms. Basically, you need to leave your site links on various blog posts, videos, Instagram stories, Facebook posts, Medium, Twitter, and LinkedIn that brings regular posts. As per WordPress report, 70 million new posts come out every month. You basically need to promote your content if you want people to link to your site.
➠ Use keywords to target
Another tip that you can use to rank site on Google is targeted keywords. The more keyword you use to target audience, the more traffic you get at your site. Additionally, you can use tools like SEMrush and Google Analytics for keyword research.
➠ Reduce bounce rate
What bounce rate is? When people visit your site and immediately left it without taking any action. Google doesn’t like site having high bounce rate. It is usually up to people to bounce on the basis of content they see on your site. The more quality content your site contains, the lessen bounce rate will happen.
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➠ Publish high quality content
Content is king, this famous adage still is prevalent in the digital marketing world. Sadly, people don’t pay attention to content while producing it. For getting good rank of the site, make sure your content is of high-quality, authentic, unique, informative, and SEO-friendly. 
Here ends the list of factors that help you fetch high rank of the site on Google. However, there are many more factors that you can consider using such as monitoring technical SEO, boosting click-through rate, and using internal links. Just use these factors to rank your site on Google. We hope that now you have got the answer to your question.